Rosa Maltoni

Rosa Maltoni

Rosa Mussolini (née Maltoni); 1858-1905)[1] was the mother of Italian Fascist founder and leader Benito Mussolini. Though little is known about her childhood it is clear she was raised in Catania, Sicily, and then emigrated to Romagna later in life for marriage. Caruso was a devoutly Catholic schoolteacher who married Alessandro Mussolini.[2] After Benito, Rosa had two more children, Arnaldo and Edvige. She died of meningitis in 1905.[1]

Mussolini was reportedly very attached to his mother, and during the Fascist period, Rosa came to represent the ideal Italian woman.[3][4][5][6] On June 17, 1930, a ceremony was held to honor her as a "great educator and glorious mother."[5]


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