Romance of Flamenca

Flamenca (Occitan pronunciation: [flaˈmeŋka]) is a 13th-century romance, written in the Occitan language in Occitania. A certain Sir Bernardet may have been the author, however the Bernardet mentioned may simply be the fictional narrator. Nothing is known for certain about the author; however, a number of things may be inferred from the circumstances of the text itself. The author was probably not a minstrel, but rather a cleric, most likely in the service of the Roquefeuil family at the court of Alga, and may have written the romance at the Benedictine monastery at Nant, Aveyron, and was erudite and may have even studied at the University of Paris. The author was probably a native of Rouergue, based on linguistic similarities in the language used in the romance and that of the region.

Most literary allusions in the text are from Old French sources.


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