Roman Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Dioecesis Rottenburgensis-Stutgardiensis

Country Germany
Ecclesiastical province Freiburg
Metropolitan Archdiocese of Freiburg
Area 19,514 km2 (7,534 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2010)
1,921,236 (37.9%)
Parishes 1,037
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Roman Rite
Established 16 August 1821
Cathedral St. Martin's Cathedral, Rottenburg
Co-cathedral St. Eberhard Co-Cathedral, Stuttgart
Patron saint Martin of Tours
Secular priests 902
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Gebhard Fürst
Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Metropolitan Archbishop Archbishop of Freiburg
Auxiliary Bishops Johannes Kreidler, Thomas Maria Renz
Vicar General Clemens Stroppel
Emeritus Bishops Franz Josef Kuhnle, Bernhard Rieger

The Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart (lat: Dioecesis Rottenburgensis-Stutgardiensis) is a diocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. The diocese is located in the Württemberg part of the German State of Baden-Württemberg.


The Diocese of Rottenburg was established in 1821 through the Papal Bull De salute animarum. With the enthronement of the first bishop, Johann Baptist von Keller, on May 20, 1828, the formation of the diocese was complete. In 1978, the diocese changed its name to the current form of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Diocesan arrangement

The Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart is a suffragan diocese of Freiburg and is made up of 45 deaneries containing 1,039 parishes:


St. Martin's Cathedral, Rottenburg


Name Term in office
Johann Baptist von Keller 28 Jan 1828 – 17 Oct 1845
Josef von Lipp 14 Jun 1847 – 3 May 1869
Karl Joseph von Hefele 17 Jun 1869 – 5 Jun 1893
Wilhelm von Reiser 5 Jun 1893 – 11 May 1898
Franz Xaver von Linsenmann 20 Jul 1898 – 21 Sep 1898
Paul Wilhelm von Keppler 11 Nov 1898 – 16 Jul 1926
Johannes Baptista Sproll 29 Mar 1927 – 4 Mar 1949
Carl Joseph Leiprecht 4 Jul 1949 – 4 Jun 1974
Georg Moser 12 Mar 1975 – 9 May 1988
Walter Kasper 17 Apr 1989 – 31 May 1999
Gebhard Fürst since 7 Jul 2000


St. Eberhard's Cathedral, Stuttgart

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