Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Capiz

Archdiocese of Capiz
Archidioecesis Capicensis
Artsidiyosesis sang Capiz
Country Philippines
Territory Capiz
Ecclesiastical province Capiz
Area 2,663 km2 (1,028 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
741,000 (93.3%)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Rite Roman Rite
Established 27 January 1951
Cathedral Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Roxas, Capiz
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Metropolitan Archbishop Jose Advincula
Suffragans Diocese of Kalibo
Diocese of Romblon
Vicar General Vicente F. Hilata
Website of the Archdiocese

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Capiz is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. Capiz is the Archdiocese in the Province of Capiz, on the island of Visayas. The Current Archbishop is Jose Advincula.


The Diocese of Capiz was carved out from the Archdiocese of Jaro and erected on 27 January 1951 for the whole civil province of Capiz and Roxas City, and has Kalibo and Romblon as suffragans. The Archdiocese comprises the following dioceses: Kalibo and Romblon. On 17 January 1976 Pope Paul VI elevated the Diocese of Capiz into an Archdiocese.

Suffragan dioceses

Parishes and parochial clergy

I. Vicariate of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Vicar Forane: Late Most.Rev.Vicente Hilata, PA, VG

Population: 60,229 Catholics: 58,205 Titular: Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8 Parish priest: Jose Advincula D.D Parochial vicars: Reynaldo Villanoy, Ferdinand Bolante, Erwin Bombaes, Josel Beltran

2. St. Nicolas of Tolentino Parish (F-1840) Population: 20,103 Catholics: 19,453 Titular: St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Sept. 10 Parish priest: Enrique Relano

3. St. Therese of Avila Parish (F-1848) Population: 29,256 Catholics: 16,184 Titular: St. Therese of Avila, Oct. 15 Parish priest: Roque Ortencio

4. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish (F-1978) Population: 29,256 Catholics: 16,184 Titular: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16 Parish priest: Dexter Irisari, HP Parochial vicars: Joenil Morales, Aristides Pedrajas

5. Sta. Monica Parish (F-1580) Population: 42,423 Catholics: 38,589 Titular: Sta. Monica, Aug. 27 Parish priest: Benjamin Advincula Parochial vicars: Roberto Alvin Lamirez, Jaime Abao, Jaime Villanueva

6. St. Laurence Parish (F-1806) Population: 27,827 Catholics: 26,979 Titular: St. Laurence, Aug. 10 Parish priest: John A. Blancaver, P.C. Parochial vicar: Anthony Gonzales

7. St. Isidore Parish (F-1879) Population: 30,324 Catholics: 29,187 Titular: St. Isidore, May 15 Parish priest: Melencio Bartolo

8. St. Vincent Ferrer Parish Brgy. Bailan (Chaplaincy) Population: included in Pontevedra Chaplain: Rowelyn Langurayan

III. Vicariate of St. Joseph the Worker Vicar Forane: John Luza, PC

1. St. Joseph the Worker Parish (F-1949) Population: 40,001 Catholics: 39,501 Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, May 1 Parish priest: John A. Luza, PC Parochial vicar: Jeffrey Estrella

2. St. Vincent Ferrer Parish (F-1941) Brgy. Casanayan, Pilar Population include in Pilar Titular: St. Vincent Ferrer, April 5 Parish priest: Antonio Billones

3. Holy Child Parish (F-1849) Population: 31,966 Catholics: 31,727 Titular: Holy Child, February 22 Parish priest: Delfin Delfin Parochial vicar: Eriberto Buenafe

4. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish (F-1951) Population: 13,800 Catholics: 13,406 Titular: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16 Parish priest: Digno Jore

5. Blessed Trinity Parish (F-1865) Population: 27,736 Catholics: 13,406 Titular: Blessed Trinity (Movable) Parish priest: Antonio Florendo

6. St. Joseph Parish Brgy. Dulangan (F- ) Population: include in Pilar Parish priest: Jose Ronnie Banias

7. Holy Child Parish (F- ) Brgy. Hipona, Pilar Population: incl. in Nuestra Señora del Carmen Titular: Holy Child Chaplain: Rey Alfonso Telic

III. Vicariate of St. Catherine of Alexandria Vicar Forane: Alden Bolivar

1. St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish (F-1606) Population: 42,017 Catholics: 40,468 Titular: St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25 Parish priest: Alden R. Bolivar, P.C.

2. St. Vincent Ferrer Parish (F-1930) Population: 15,518 Catholics: 14,407 Titular: St. Vincent Ferrer, April 5 Parish priest: Clemente Fungot

3. St. Sebastian Parish (F-1850) Population: 31,755 Catholics: 29,366 Titular: St. Sebastian Jan. 20 Parish priest: Alberto Vito Parochial vicar: Glenn Baes

4. St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish (F- ) Population: 25,316 Catholics: 23,854 Titular: St. Anne, Mother of the BVM, July 26 Parish priest: Tomas Buensalido Parochial vicar: Carmelo de los Reyes

5. St. John the Baptist Parish Sigma (F-1744) 5816 Capiz Population: 25,881 Catholics: 24,549 Parish priest: Domingo Deocampo Parochial vicar: Abraham Belvis

6. Chaplaincy of St. Roch Barangay Buri-as, Mambusao, 5807 Capiz Population: included in Mambusao Titular: St. Roch, August 16 Chaplain: Manuel Rivero

IV. Vicariate of St. Gemma Vicar Forane: Diosdado Borres III, PC

1. St. Martin of Tours Parish (F-1590) Population: 30,284 Catholics: 28,337 Titular: St. Martin of Tours, Nov. 11 Parish priest: Diosdado Borres III, PC Parochial vicar: Reman Bacusa

2. St. Anthony of Padua Parish (F-1872) Population: 25,632 Catholics: 24,375 Titular: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13 Parish priest: Eugenio Caldeo Parochial vicars: Rey Bernard Martinez

3. St. Thomas of Villanueva Parish (F-1836) Population: 39,279 Catholics: 37,679 Titular: St. Tomas of Villanueva, Sept. 22 Parish priest: Gregorio Posadas Parochial vicar: John Marlon Bordo, Joedol Dorado

4. Our Lady of Snows Parish (F-1581) Population: 35,692 Catholics: 34,742 Titular: Our Lady of Snows, Aug. 5 Parish priest: Ramon Hontiveros

5. Our Lady of Fatima Parish Brgy. Dacuton, Dumarao 5812 Capiz Population: included in Dumarao Parish priest: Josel Faraon

6. St. Jerome Parish (F-1874) Population: 44,286 Catholics: 41,466 Titular: St. Jerome, Sept. 30 Parish priest: Deodito Batiles Parochial vicar: Jaime Villanueva

7. St. John the Baptist Chaplaincy Brgy. Sto. Niño (Monomer) Dumalag 5813 Population: included in Dumalag Chaplain: Joseph Cusay

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