Rom (river)

For the river in England, see River Rom.

The Rom (Romansh: Rom; Italian: Ram; German: Rombach in Switzerland or Rambach in South Tyrol (Italy) is a river in Switzerland and Italy. The 24.7-kilometre (15.3 mi) long river is a tributary of the Adige. It rises in the Livigno Range of the Alps, close to the Fuorn Pass. It flows through the Val Müstair in Switzerland, and joins the Adige near the town Glurns in the Italian province of South Tyrol. The drainage basin is 189 square kilometres (73 sq mi).

Coordinates: 46°40′14″N 10°32′40″E / 46.6705°N 10.5445°E / 46.6705; 10.5445

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