Former commune of Luxembourg
Country Luxembourg
District Luxembourg
Canton Luxembourg
Created 8 May 1849
Abolished 26 March 1920
Currently Part of Luxembourg City

Rollingergrund (Luxembourgish: Rollengergronn) is an area of north-western Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. It forms the majority of the quarter of Rollingergrund-North Belair.

Rollingergrund was a commune in the canton of Luxembourg between 8 May 1849, when it was split from the commune of Eich,[1] and 26 March 1920, when it was merged into the city of Luxembourg, along with Hamm and Hollerich.[2]

Michel Engels (1851–1901), the celebrated illustrator, author and art teacher, was born in Rollingergrund.[3]


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Coordinates: 49°37′N 6°06′E / 49.617°N 6.100°E / 49.617; 6.100

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