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Location of Rogoznica in Croatia

Coordinates: 43°31′N 15°58′E / 43.517°N 15.967°E / 43.517; 15.967
Country Croatia
County Šibenik-Knin
  Mayor Sandra Jakelić (HDZ)
Population (2006)
  Total 2,391
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Rogoznica is a popular tourist village on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia that lies in the southernmost part of the Šibenik-Knin County, in a deep bay sheltered from wind, about 30 km from Šibenik. In the 2001 census, the population of the village was 2,391, with 96% declaring themselves Croats. It is occasionally called Šibenska Rogoznica to distinguish it from Lokva Rogoznica, another tourist resort in Dalmatia.

The part of Rogoznica that lies on the mainland was populated already in 1390. In 1518 the inhabitants fled in front of the Turkish army to safety of the nearby islet.

In the recent history, the nearby village of Zečevo became known widely during the Croatian War of Independence when the Croatian volunteer army hit two planes of the Yugoslav army during the aerial bombing, and one of the soldiers shouted triumphantly: "Both went down!" which at the time meant a lot for the course of the war, and these words are still connected to the place.

Rahim Ademi, a Croatian general during the Homeland War, was stationed in Rogoznica for a time.


The warmest months are July and August when the air temperature is between 25 °C and 35 °C (77 °F - 95 °F) and the sea temperature reaches up to 28 °C (83 °F). Rain is rare.

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Coordinates: 43°31′N 15°58′E / 43.517°N 15.967°E / 43.517; 15.967

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