Rogaland College

Rogaland College was a privately owned college situated about 40 kilometers (25 mi) south of Stavanger in Norway. In January 2006 the college moved to Sandnes 10 km south of Stavanger. Later the same year it merged with Diakonhjemmet University College in Oslo and became Diakonhjemmet University College Campus Rogaland.

Originally the College was closely connected to the central institution of Nærlandsheimen, an institution for mentally retarded people, owned by the same private owner, Det Norske Diakonforbund (The Norwegian Association of Deacons). The land involved has now been sold to Nærlandparken A/S.

To the two main bachelor programmes the College takes 90 new students every year. In addition, decentralized bachelor programme is offered in Haugesund, and the college offers some courses of continuing education. A total of nearly 400 students are being educated at any given time.

Main programmes

The two main programs at the college are:

Rogaland College (now Diakonhjemmet Høgskole Rogaland) was founded in 1969 by deacons who cared for mentally retarded people.

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