Rodrigo Ponce de León, 4th Duke of Arcos

Rodrigo Ponce de León, 4th Duke of Arcos, (2 January 1602 – 1658) was a Grandee of Spain and a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece. He served as Viceroy of Valencia and of Naples.

As Viceroy of Naples, the Duke of Arcos suppressed a revolt inhabitants of the city of Naples led by Masaniello but was soon faced with another revolt against Spanish rule, which resulted in the proclamation of the short-lived Neapolitan Republic.[1]


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Government offices
Preceded by
Francisco de Borja, Duque de Gandia
Viceroy of Valencia
Succeeded by
Duarte Fernández, Count of Oropesa
Preceded by
Juan Alfonso Enríquez de Cabrera y Colonna, count of Modica, 1600 - 1647
Viceroy of Naples
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John of Austria the Younger
Spanish nobility
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Rodrigo Ponce de León, 3rd Duke of Arcos
Duke of Arcos
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Francisco Ponce de León, 5th Duke of Arcos
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Luis Ponce de León, 6th Marquis of Zahara
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