Rodrigo Afonso

Rodrigo Afonso
Captain of Santiago, Cape Verde
In office
Preceded by Diogo Afonso
Succeeded by none, continued as colonial governor of Cape Verde
Captain of Boa Vista, Cape Verde
In office
Succeeded by Pêro Correia
Personal details
Nationality Portuguese

Rodrigo Afonso (fl. late 15th century) was a Portuguese colonial administrator.


His early life is unknown. He was probably born on Ribeira Grande (now Cidade Velha) and was the first colonial governor who was born in Cape Verde.[1][2] He was probably was one of the first Portuguese people born in Cape Verde. He was likely a son of the explorer Diogo Afonso.

He was later the 2nd and last captain of Northern Santiago. He was donated the island of Boa Vista in 1490 and became captain on from October 29, 1497 until 1505 and three days later for Boa Vista Island. The main administration of Southern Santiago would be ruled only by the corregedor of Cape Verde, from 1588 to 1975 as governor.

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Preceded by
Diogo Afonso
Captain of the northern part of Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Succeeded by
post dissolved
Preceded by
post created
Captain of Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde
Succeeded by
Pêro Correia
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