Rodney Eastman

Rodney Eastman
Born (1967-07-20) July 20, 1967
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rodney Eastman (born July 20, 1967) is a Canadian actor. He is also a musician in a band called "King Straggler" with fellow actors John Hawkes and Brent Gore. The band resides in Los Angeles, California.

Life and career

Eastman was born in Montreal in 1967 & moved with his family to Los Angeles when he was five.Deciding while he was in high school that he wanted to be a actor,he studied drama and appeared in numerous high school productions.After graduating he landed his first job as an extra in the television music"Have you tried talking to Patty"Eastman has starred in several films, and his best-known film role is in the 1987 hit horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors as Joey Crusel. In 1988, he reprised his role in the sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. His other films include Deadly Weapon, Mobsters, The Opposite of Sex and Knight to F4.

Eastman has also made many guest appearances on television shows, including Highway to Heaven, Charles in Charge, Melrose Place, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Babylon 5 (as "Kiron Maray" in season one episode "The War Prayer", 1994), as "Sammael" in season one episode 18 of Chris Carter's Millennium, The Protector, Renegade, ER and Sliders. He also appeared as "Lee Sekelling" in The Mentalist.

Eastman is infamous for having had Inger Lorre, his then-girlfriend, perform fellatio on him on stage during a set by her band, The Nymphs, in 1992.[1]


Year Title Role Notes
1986 Chopping Mall Shoplifter Uncredited
1987 A Nightmare on Elm Street

3: Dream Warriors

1988 Broken Angel Billy TV Movie
1988 A Nightmare on Elm Street

4: The Dream Master

1989 Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers Freddy
1989 Deadly Weapon Zeke
1989 The Preppie Murder Jersey TV Movie
1991 Flight of Black Angel Bobby Gordon TV Movie
1991 Mobsters Joey
1993 Hear No Evil Interviewed Kid Uncredited
1996 No One Would Tell Tony Dinardo TV Movie
1997 Dead Men Can't Dance David Porter
1998 The Opposite of Sex Ty
1998 Tourist Trap Stork TV Movie
1999 Clubland Mondo
1999 Random Acts of Violence Drug Dealer
1999 Blue Ridge Fall Aaron Perkins
2000 The Dancer Isaac
2000 Sand Baker
2001 The Caveman's Valentine Matthew
2002 Con Express Ricky Video
2004 Sawtooth Christian
2008 Fix Crackhead
2008 Rule of three Russ
2009 The Resurrection of Officer


Ralph Short
2010 Spork Spit
2010 I Spit on Your Grave Andy
2010 Sheeps and Wolves Wolf Short
2010 Janie Jones Billy
2010 The Black Belle Rodney Eastman
2012 Extracted Eric
2013 By the Time You Read This Driver Completed
2014 Camouflage Galvin
2016 Foreign Land Mr. James
2016 Hoax The Man Post-Production
2016 Sable Andres Post-Production
TBA William Froste Phillip Ciarelli Pre-Production
TBA Getting the Kinks Out Harold Pre-Production


Year Title Role Notes
1986 CBS Schoolbreak Special Uncredited Episode: "Have You Tried

Talking to Patty?" (3.02)

1987 Highway to Heaven Kevin Episode: "Parents' Day"


1987 Starman Eric Kendall Episode: "Fathers and Sons"


1988 Who's the Boss? Boy #1 Episode: "Sam's Car" (5.01)
1989 TV 101 Derek Episode: "Clicks" (1.09)
1989 CBS Summer Playhouse Steve Cabell Episode: "Curse of the Corn

People" (3.07)

1989 Jake and the Fatman Eric McGinn Episode: "Dancing in the

Dark" (3.05)

1990 Baywatch Teenager Episode: "The Big Race"


1990 Against the Law Richey Littlefield Episode: "Pilot" (1.01)


Charles in Charge Bobby Nijinsji /

Danny Holland

2 episodes (4.25, 5.23)
1990 Hull High Richard Stoltz 2 episodes (#1.1, #1.5)
1991 Parker Lewis Can't Lose Jimmy Joe Trout Episode: "A Walk on the

Dark Side" (2.02)

1993 FBI: The Untold Stories Episode: "The Miller

Extortion" (2.11)

1993 Bodies of Evidence J.J. Episodes: "Endangered

Species" (2.07)

1994 Babylon 5 Kiron Maray Episode: "The War Prayer"


1994 Touched by an Angel Craig Episode: "Cassie's Choice"


1994 Murder, She Wrote Jeff Delagre Episode: "Fatal Paradise"


1995 University Hospital Ryan Harrison Episodes: "'Til Death Do Us

Part" (1.08)

1995 Cybill Greg Episode: "The Big Sleep -

Over" (1.12)



Diagnosis: Murder Ben / Jimmy


2 episodes (1.05, 3.02)
1996 ER Fredd Episode: "The Match Game"


1996 Sliders Byron Episode: "The Dream

Masters" (3.05)

1996 Renegade Trike Episode: "God's Mistake"


1996 Dangerous Minds Mike Jensen Episode: "Bad Apple" (1.04)
1997 Millennium Sammael Episode: "Powers,

Principalities,Thrones and

Dominions" (1.19)

1997 Nash Bridges Miles Episode: "Lost and Found"


1998 Party of Five Dave Episode: "Separation

Anxiety" (5.02)

1999 Melrose Place Ricky G. 4 episodes
2000 NYPD Blue Tommy Episode: "The Man with Two

Right Shoes" (7.03)

2000 The Huntress Episode: "Surprise Party"


2000 The X-Files Ronald Purnell Episode: "Invocation" (8.05)
2001 The Beast Episode: "The Price" (1.01)
2001 Dead Last Jimmy Swain Episode: "The Crawford

Touch" (1.12)

2003 Threat Matrix Billy 2 episodes (1.03, 1.04)
2004 Touching Evil Jack Episode: "K" (1.06)
2006 CSI: NY Clark Kranen Episode: "Super Men" (2.19)
2006 Cold Case Arthur Pool - 1945 Episode: "The Hen House" (3.21)
2006 Shark Charlie Davis Episode: "Déjà Vu All Over Again"


2007 Crossing Jordan Homeless Guy Episode: "In Sickness & in Health"


2007 Saving Grace Carl Sperry Episode: "Keep Your Damn Wings

Off My Nephew" (1.04)

2007 Cane Dan 2 episodes (1.01, 1,08)
2007 Criminal Minds Stephen Foley Episode: "Birthright" (3.11)
2009 Without a Trace Grady McBride Episode: "Chameleon" (7.15)
2009 The Mentalist Lee Skelling Episode: "Carnelian, Inc." (1.17)
2009 Monk Del Johnston Episode: "Mr. Monk Goes

Camping" (8.12)

2010 Rizzoli & Isles Mo Monee Episode: "She Works Hard for the

Money" (1.04)

2011 Breakout Kings Mars O'Connell Episode: "Fun with Chemistry"


2011 The Protector Gale Carson Episode: "Revisions" (1.05)
2011 Bones Ricky Duval Episode: "The Memories in the

Shallow Grave" (7.01)

2013 NCIS Wendell Kraiser Episode: "Alibi" (11.8)
2014 Longmire Creeley Dorn Episode: "Wanted Man" (3.05)


CSI: Crime Scene


Jacob Warren /

Keith Driscoll

2 episodes (2.10, 15.14)
2015 Ambient Striker
2015 NCIS: Los Angeles Jimmie Ray


Episode: "Rage" (6.20)


  1. Farr, Joey (21 Jul 2001). "Tom Zutaut and the Nymphs". Moguls and Madmen. Simon and Schuster. p. 44. ISBN 978-0743228930. And on February 28, Lorre caused her first riot: at Anaheim's Marquis, before four hundred or so people, she performed fellatio on her boyfriend, actor Rodney Eastman, onstage--midway through the group's set.

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