A rocketsonde, a kind of sounding rocket, is a system for atmospheric observations that consists of a rocket that launches instruments that can make weather observations up to an altitude of 75,000 m. Common meteorological rockets (rocketsondes) are the Loki and Super Loki.

A typical rocket is 3.7 m tall and is powered by a 10 cm diameter solid fuel rocket engine. The rocket engine separates at an altitude of 1500 m and the rest of the rocketsonde coasts to apogee (highest point). This can be set to an altitude of 20,000 m to 113,000 m.

The meteorological instruments record data on temperature, moisture, wind speed and direction, wind shear, atmospheric pressure, and air density. Position data (altitude and latitude/longitude) may also be recorded.

Rocketsondes were used in the fictional television miniseries Category 7: The End of the World.

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