Roberto Narducci

Roma Ostiense station
Palazzo delle Poste e Telegrafi di Rovigo

Roberto Narducci (14 August 1887 – 10 February 1979) was an Italian architect and engineer of the Modernist and Novocento movements.


Narducci was born in Rome, into a middle-class family. After receiving his technical 'licenzia' in 1903-04, he obtained a diploma in architectural decoration from the Arts and Industry Museum of Rome in 1909. In the same year he won a competition to become a designer for the Italian state railway company, Ferrovie dello Stato.

From 1920-21 he enrolled in the three year program at the Regia Scuola Superiori di Architettura, and from there he received his degree in Civil Architecture in 1923. In 1930 passed the qualification examination to become a practicing professional engineer.

In his lifetime, working under the Ministry of Communications (now within the Ministry of Transport) he designed approximately 40 railway stations, both new buildings and post-war reconstructions and about ten Post Offices. He frequently worked with his colleague Angiolo Mazzoni. He died in Rome, aged 91.


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