Roberto Fiore

Roberto Fiore
Member of the European Parliament
for Central Italy
In office
16 May 2008  13 July 2009
Preceded by Alessandra Mussolini
Personal details
Born (1959-05-15) 15 May 1959
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Political party Forza Nuova
Spouse(s) Esmerelda Burgos[1]
Children 11[1]
Profession Politician
Religion Roman Catholic

Roberto Fiore (born 15 April 1959 in Rome) is an Italian politician and a founding member of the European third position (terza via) movement which is against both communism and capitalism. He is the leader of the Italian party Forza Nuova. He self-identified as a fascist.[2]

In the United Kingdom

After the police found a large quantity of explosives and weapons in a local office of the political organization Terza Posizione in the 1980s, Roberto Fiore migrated to the United Kingdom in order to avoid arrest.[3][4] The anti-fascist magazine Searchlight claimed that Roberto was working for the Secret Intelligence Service.[5] This has also been alleged by the Sunday Express, in 2000, citing a source within MI5. Fiore denied any connections to British intelligence.[6] The allegation that he worked for MI6 was also made in para 2.12.11 of the Report drawn up on behalf of the European Parliament's Committee of Inquiry into Racism and Xenophobia, 1991 (The Ford Report)[7]

Political activism

Fiore is generally considered to be a neofascist leader.[8][9] In England Fiore became a close friend of Nick Griffin and following Griffin's departure from the National Front he helped to organise the International Third Position, becoming a founding member. Fiore had connections with the traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola and has written about topics such as traditionalism and the third position.

In 1986, thanks to their friendship with Nick Griffin and other far right activists, Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello managed to found "Meeting Point", which was later renamed "Easy London". Easy London is a society that helps young students and workers live and work in London by providing jobs, beds and contracts. Fiore's association with London has remained as, in August 2007, he became sole director of CL English Language, a college for overseas students in the west of the city.[10]

Fiore has since returned to Italy and is active in politics as the leader of the nationalist Forza Nuova party (a group he co-founded with Morsello), one of the constituent parts of Alternativa Sociale, allied in the House of Freedoms for the 2006 political elections in Italy.

In 2008 he joined as a speaker on the identitarian Nordic Festival (Nordiska Festivalen) in Sweden where he spoke about European identity and unity. He participated in Budapest on 23 October 2008 to the commemorations of the Hungarian Insurrection against control by the Soviet Union in 1956, at the invitation of the Hungarian far-right movement HVIM. He also took up the seat in the European Parliament vacated by Alessandra Mussolini. In 2009 he gave a speech at the British National Party's annual Red White & Blue Festival.[11]

In March 2011 he led demonstrations of Forza Nuova against the recent surge of illegal immigrants to the island of Lampedusa, which had left the islanders outnumbered, stating to a crowd of people that: "Local people are now asking us to help secure the beaches, and if the Government continues to fail in its duty to protect the people, and also the territorial integrity of Italy and Europe, we will take up that challenge".[12]


Fiore is married to Esmerelda Burgos and has 11 children.[1]


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