Roberto Bianchi Montero

Roberto Bianchi Montero (7 December 1907 - 7 December 1986) was an Italian actor, director and screenwriter.

Life and career

Born in Rome, Bianchi Montero started acting as a teenager on stage and he was a member of an amateur theater group with whom he performed in several festivals.[1] In 1930 he entered the stage company of Ettore Petrolini, and in 1934 he founded his own company.[1][2] In 1936 he got his first film role, and in the late 1930s he also was assistant director for a number of films.[1]

After the Second World War, Bianchi Montero directed numerous genre films, usually low-budget productions, in which he often also collaborated to the screenplays.[1][2] He particularly specialized in melodramas, spaghetti westerns and Commedia sexy all'italiana films. He was the father of the director Mario Bianchi.[2][3]

Selected filmography


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