Robert William Eyton

Reverend Robert William Eyton (1815–1881) was an English Church of England clergyman who was author of The Antiquities of Shropshire.

Life and career

Robert William Eyton was born in 1815. He was the son of Reverend John Eyton. He lived part of his childhood at Tong, Shropshire and was educated at Bridgnorth Grammar School in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.[1]

Eyton then went up to Christ Church College, Oxford. Ordained priest in 1839, he went on to become the Rector at Ryton, Shropshire, where he served for 22 years.[1]

He married Mary Watts in 1839. Eyton died on 8 September 1881.[2] His son, the Revd Robert became a Canon of Westminster in 1895.

Eyton is remembered as author of The Antiquities of Shropshire,[3] researched during his time at Ryton and published, at a rate of about two large volumes annually, from 1854.[1]


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Eyton, Robert William. The Antiquities of Shropshire, John Russell Smith, London, accessed 17 November 2014 at Internet Archive.

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