Robert III Keith, Marischal of Scotland

Sir Robert Keith
Great Marischal of Scotland
Spouse(s) Margaret de la Hay
Noble family Clan Keith
Father John Keith
Died 1346

Sir Robert Keith (died 1346) was a Scottish nobleman and a hereditary Great Marischal of Scotland.


Sir Robert Keith was the son of John Keith, Master of Marischal,[lower-alpha 1] and the grandson of Robert II Keith, Marischal of Scotland, who commanded the Scottish cavalry at the Battle of Bannockburn, and his wife Barbara Douglas.[1] He succeeded his grandfather as Great Marischal.[1]

Robert Keith fought for King David II of Scotland in his wars against Edward Balliol and the English.[2] He was also the Sheriff of Aberdeen.[2] He fought Macduff, Earl of Fife, when he fortified Perth and after a three-month siege the Marischal prevailed and took Perth.[3] Macduff was sent to Kildrummy as a prisoner.[3] When David II, King of Scotland invaded England in 1346 Robert was with him and at the Battle of Neville's Cross on 17 October 1346, Robert was killed.[2] He was succeeded by his great-uncle, Sir Edward Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland.[2]


Robert married Margaret, daughter of Gilbert de la Hay, Constable of Scotland.[2] They had the following children:


  1. The title "Master of Marischal is a courtesy title given to a Scottish heir presumptive who either had not yet inherited at that time, or for some reason did not inherit the title (in this case Marischal of Scotland). See the Complete Peerage, Vol. IV, Appendix E: Courtesy Titles. The name of John's wife, Robert's mother, is unknown. See Complete Peerage VIII, 470.


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