Robert Fitzgerald (speed skater)

Olympic medal record
Men's Speed skating
1948 St. Moritz 500 m

Robert Emmett "Bobby" Fitzgerald (October 3, 1923 Minneapolis, Minnesota; April 22, 2005; Luverne, Minnesota) was an American speed skater who competed in the 1948 Winter Olympics and in the 1952 Winter Olympics.[1]

He was a member of the US Army Air Corps in World War II, and was discharged due to injuries sustained in a plane crash.[2]

He was a Feb., 1947 graduate of St. Thomas College, when he won the national and North American Speed Skating crowns. Later that year, he skated in the "Winter Carnival" held at Como Park, in St. Paul, which was the US Olympic trials for speed skating. His 1st place there was enough to qualify him for the seven man team.[2] In 1948 he won a silver medal in the 500 metres event.[3] He also finished 28th in the 1500 metres competition.
In 2005, he was inducted to the Minneapolis South High School's (1941 Graduate) "Wall of Honor".[4]

Fitzgerald was also a chiropractor, a 1956 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, he was also a supporter of the International Chiropractor's Association.[1]


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