Robert Fitz Richard

Robert Fitz Richard, feudal baron of Little Dunmow, Constable of Baynard Castle
Born 1064
Died 1136
Essex, England
Family de Clare

Robert Fitz Richard (1064–1136) was an Anglo-Norman feudal baron of Little Dunmow, Essex and constable of Baynard's Castle in the City of London. His feudal barony, the caput of which was at Little Dunmow in Essex, was granted to him by the king after it had been forfeited in 1110 by William Baynard, whose grandfather Ralph Baynard was the first holder and the builder of Baynard's Castle in the City of London.[1][2]

He was steward under King Henry I (1100–1135)[3] and under King Stephen(1135–1154).[4]


He was the son of Sir Richard Fitz Gilbert, Lord of Clare and Tonbridge (c. 1030–1091) and Rohese Giffard, (b. c. 1034), daughter of Sir Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville, and Agnes Flatel.[lower-alpha 1]

He married (c. 1114), Maud de St. Liz, daughter of Sir Simon de St Liz, Earl of Northampton, and Maud de Huntingdon.

Children were:


  1. Agnes Flatel was the daughter of Girard Flatel. [5]
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