Robert Dhéry

Robert Dhéry in 1962

Robert Dhéry (27 April 1921 – 5 December 2004) (born Robert Léon Henri Fourrey or Robert Foullcy[1][2]) was a French actor, director and screenwriter.

He was married to actor Colette Brosset, with whom he appeared onstage in La Plume de Ma Tante.

He appeared on Broadway in 1959 in La Plume de Ma Tante, and was, along with the rest of the entire cast (Pamela Austin, Colette Brosset, Roger Caccia, Yvonne Constant, Genevieve Coulombel, Michael Kent, Jean Lefevre, Jacques Legras, Michael Modo, Pierre Olaf, Nicole Parent, Ross Parker, Henri Pennec) awarded a Special Tony Award 1959 for contribution to the theatre.

Selected filmography


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