Robert Constable (died 1558)

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Sir Robert Constable

Remains of Helmsley Castle, home of the family of Sir Robert Constable's wife, Catherine Manners
Spouse(s) Catherine Manners


Sir Marmaduke Constable
Sir Robert Constable
John Constable
Michael Constable
George Constable
Thomas Constable
Barbara Constable
Margaret Constable
Everild Constable
Elizabeth Constable
Eleanor Constable
Father Sir Marmaduke Constable
Mother Barbara Sothill
Born before 1495
Died 12 October 1558

Sir Robert Constable (before 1495 – 12 October 1558), of Everingham, Yorkshire, was an English soldier who fought against the Scots for Henry VIII in the 1540s, Member of Parliament and Sheriff. He was the grandfather of the poet, Henry Constable.


Robert Constable was the eldest son of Sir Marmaduke Constable (c.1480 – 14 September 1545), of Everingham, the second son of Sir Marmaduke Constable (c. 1456/7 – 1518) of Flamborough, Yorkshire, and Joyce Stafford, daughter of Sir Humphrey Stafford (1400 – 7 June 1450) of Grafton, Worcestershire, slain at Sevenoaks by the rebel, Jack Cade, and Eleanor Aylesbury (born c.1406).[1]

Constable's mother was Barbara Sothill (c.1474 – 4 October 1540), the daughter and heir of John Sothill, esquire,[2] of Everingham, Yorkshire, by his first wife, Agnes Ingleby, the daughter of Sir William Ingleby.[3]

He had a brother, William Constable, who was a cleric, and a sister, Everild Constable.


According to Bindoff, like his father and grandfather Constable saw much service in the Scottish wars. He was knighted by Edward Seymour, then Earl of Hertford, at Butterdean near Coldingham in the campaign of 1544. In the following spring he was taken prisoner, and wrote the 5th Earl of Shrewsbury requesting that he either be ransomed or exchanged for Scottish prisoners taken by the English. On 14 January 1550 Constable wrote to Francis Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord President of the North, from Everingham that he had a Scottish prisoner with him, Archibald Douglas, Laird of Glenbervie, but that he did not know who had captured him.[4]

He was a Member of Parliament (MP) for Yorkshire in March and October 1553 and perhaps in 1555. His candidacy likely had the support of both the Earl of Shrewsbury and the Earl of Rutland, Constable's brother-in-law.[4]

Constable served as Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1557-8. He made his will on 1 September, and died on 29 October 1558.[4]

Marriage and issue

Constable married, around 1520 and before 1530, Catherine Manners (c. 1510 - c. 1547), the daughter of George Manners, 11th Baron de Ros of Helmsley Castle and Anne St. Leger, by whom he had eleven children, six sons and five daughters.[5] She was a matrilineal descendant of Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, and the mitochondrial DNA descent through which the remains of Richard III of England were identified in 2013 passes through her and their daughters Barbara and Everhilda:[6][7]


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