Robert Award for Best Director

The Robert Award for Best Director (Danish: Robert Prisen for årets instruktør) is presented at an annual Robert Award show hosted by the Danish Film Academy. The category was introduced in 2001 and all directors of Danish films irrespective of the language of the film are eligible. The winner is selected among five nominees.[1]



Year Director(s) Film
2000 Per Fly The Bench
Natasha Arthy Miracle
Stefan Fjeldmark/Michael Hegner Help! I'm a Fish
Lone Scherfig Italiaa aloittelijoille
Lars von Trier Dancer in the Dark
2001 Ole Christian Madsen Kira's Reason: A Love Story
Gert Fredholm One-Hand Clapping
Hella Joof Shake It All About
Cæcilia Holbek Trier Send More Candy
Kristian Levring The King Is Alive
2002 Nils Malmros Facing the Truth
Susanne Bier Open Hearts
Jesper W. Nielsen Okay
Helle Ryslinge Halalabad Blues
Lone Scherfig Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself
2003 Per Fly The Inheritance
Christoffer Boe Reconstruction
Anders Thomas Jensen Open Hearts
Jannik Johansen Stealing Rembrandt
Lars von Trier Dancer in the Dark
2004 Nikolaj Arcel King's Game
Annette K. Olsen In Your Hands
Nicolas Winding Refn Pusher 2
Simon Staho Day and Night
Paprika Steen Aftermath
2005 Per Fly Manslaughter
Christoffer Boe Allegro
Anders Thomas Jensen Adam's Apples
Åke Sandgren Flies on the Wall
Lars von Trier Manderlay
2006 Niels Arden Oplev We Shall Overcome
Christoffer Boe Officeren
Christian E. Christiansen Life Hits
Pernille Fischer Christensen A Soap
Ole Christian Madsen and Valerie Faris Prague
Anders Morgenthaler Princess
2007 Peter Schønau Fog The Art Of Crying
Nikolaj Arcel Island of Lost Souls
Ole Bornedal Just Another Love Story
Anders Morgenthaler Echo
Simon Staho Daisy Diamond
2008 Henrik Ruben Genz Terribly Happy
Kristian Levring Fear Me Not
Ole Christian Madsen Flame & Citron
Annette K. Olesen Little Soldier
Niels Arden Oplev Worlds Apart
2009 Lars von Trier Antichrist
Ole Bornedal Deliver Us from Evil
Hella Joof Hush Little Baby
Rumle Hammerich Headhunter
Nils Malmros Aching Hearts


Year Director(s) Film
2010 Tobias Lindholm/Michael Noer R
Nikolaj Arcel The Truth About Men
Susanne Bier In a Better World
Nicolo Donato (film director) Brotherhood
Thomas Vinterberg Submarino
2011 Lars von Trier Melancholia
Pernille Fischer Christensen A Family
Ole Christian Madsen SuperClásico
Carlos Augusto de Oliveira Rosa Morena
Martin Zandvliet A Funny Man


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