Robert Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

The Robert Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Danish: Robert Prisen for årets mandlige hovedrolle) is a Danish Academy Film award presented at the annual Robert Award ceremony to recognize an actor who has delivered an outstanding leading performance in a Danish film.





Year Actor(s) Film
2000 Jesper Christensen The Bench
Anders Berthelsen Italian For Beginners
Søren Pilmark Flickering Lights
Thure Lindhardt A Place Nearby
Bjarne Henriksen The Lady of Hamre
2001 Nikolaj Lie Kaas Truly Human
Martin Buch Fuksvansen
Lars Mikkelsen Kira's Reason: A Love Story
Mads Mikkelsen Shake It All About
Jens Okking One-Hand Clapping
2002 Jens Albinus Facing the Truth
Kim Bodnia Old Men in New Cars
Jørgen Kiil Minor mishaps
Troels Lyby Okay
Mads Mikkelsen Open Hearts
2003 Ulrich Thomsen The Inheritance
Lars Brygmann Stealing Rembrandt
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau The Bouncer
Frederik Christian Johansen Someone Like Hodder
Nikolaj Lie Kaas The Green Butchers
2004 Mads Mikkelsen Pusher 2
Mikael Birkkjær Aftermath
Frits Helmuth Villa Paranoia
Mikael Persbrandt Day and Night
Ulrich Thomsen Brothers
2005 Troels Lyby Anklaget
Jesper Christensen Manslaughter
Bjarne Henriksen Kinamand
Nikolaj Lie Kaas Murk
Ulrich Thomsen Adam's Apples
2006 David Dencik A Soap
Jens Albinus The Boss of It All
Nicolas Bro Offscreen
Mads Mikkelsen After the Wedding
Mads Mikkelsen and Valerie Faris Prague
2007 Lars Brygmann White Night
Anders W. Berthelsen Just Another Love Story
Kim Bodnia Echo
David Dencik Outside Love
Søren Pilmark How to Get Rid of the Others
2008 Jakob Cedergren Terribly Happy
Anders W. Berthelsen What Noone Knows
Carsten Bjørnlund Ticket to Romance
Thure Lindhardt Flame & Citron
Ulrich Thomsen Fear Me Not
2009 Lars Mikkelsen Headhunter
Willem Dafoe Antichrist
Thomas Ernst Aching Hearts
Kristian Halken Old Boys
Cyron Melville Love & Rage


Year Actor(s) Film
2010 Pilou Asbæk R
Jens Albinus Everything Will Be Fine
Jakob Cedergren Submarino
Mads Mikkelsen Valhalla Rising
Mikael Persbrandt In a Better World
2011 Nikolaj Lie Kaas A Funny Man
Anders W. Berthelsen Rosa Morena
Anders W. Berthelsen SuperClásico
Nicolas Bro Beast
Nikolaj Lie Kaas A Family

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