Roșia River (Crișul Negru)

Roșia River
(Valea Roșie River)
Countries Romania
Counties Bihor County
Villages Roşia, Remetea, Pocola
 - location Pădurea Craiului Mountains, Roşia Karst Spring
 - elevation 434 m (1,424 ft)
 - coordinates 46°50′56″N 22°25′26″E / 46.849°N 22.424°E / 46.849; 22.424
Mouth Crișul Negru
 - location Petrani
 - elevation 162 m (531 ft)
 - coordinates 46°40′59″N 22°16′18″E / 46.68306°N 22.27167°E / 46.68306; 22.27167Coordinates: 46°40′59″N 22°16′18″E / 46.68306°N 22.27167°E / 46.68306; 22.27167
Length 25 km (16 mi)
Progression Crișul NegruKörösTiszaDanubeBlack Sea

The Roșia River or Valea Roșie River (Hungarian: Rossia-patak or Remete-patak) is a river in Romania, Bihor County, right tributary of the Crișul Negru.

The river starts at the Roșia karst spring in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. It flows through the hills of the Beiuş Depression and joins the Crișul Negru near Petrani village. The most important villages on the river are Roşia, Remetea and Pocola.


Roșia River had two Hungarian names. Originally it was called Remete-patak (referring to Remetea/Magyarremete village on its shore). That name was used until the 18th century, last time consequently in the 1720 conscription. During this century the remaining small community of Hungarians in the valley adopted the more frequently used Romanian name in the form of Rossia-patak. This name has been used since then. The older name means hermit in Hungarian.


The following rivers are tributaries to the Roșia:



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