River Yox

River Yox channelised at Peasenhall.

The River Yox is a river in the English county of Suffolk. It flows from the west of Peasenhall through Sibton and Yoxford where it becomes the Minsmere River.[1] The Yox was originally fordable at Yoxford where a modern road bridge allows the A12 to cross the river.[2]

The river valley is largely drained and used as grassland with some arable use at Sibton. Some peat deposits are present. The valley has a narrow floodplain with water meadows and has largely been drained using a system of dykes.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 52°15′53″N 1°31′14″E / 52.2646°N 1.5206°E / 52.2646; 1.5206

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