River Maigue

River Maigue

River Maigue, Bruree
Native name An Mháigh
Etymology Irish mag, "plain"
Country Ireland
Cities Bruree, Croom, Adare
River mouth Atlantic Ocean via Shannon Estuary
Basin size 1,000 km2 (390 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 62.36 km (38.75 mi)
  • Average rate:
    15.6 m3/s (550 cu ft/s)

The River Maigue ( /ˈmɡ/ Irish: An Mháigh, meaning "river of the plain")[1] rises in the Milford area of north County Cork, Ireland. The River Maigue is 38.75 miles long.[2] It drains an area of 1,000 km2[3]

It is joined by the small River Glen and the larger River Loobagh in south County Limerick. It then flows north through Bruree, after which it augmented by the River Morning Star. It flows through Croom and Adare before entering the Shannon Estuary (Irish: An tSionainn) just north of Ferry Bridge (Between] Kildimo and Clarina, County Limerick, just west of Limerick city. The River Maigue is tidal up to Adare on the N21 Road Bridge.


In ancient times the Maigue was central to the territories of the O'Donovans and their predecessors in Uí Chairpre Áebda (Cairbre Eva). The majority of its towns and villages were once the sites of fortresses. Later these territories were occupied by the FitzGerald dynasty.


River Loobagh

The Loobagh (Irish: An Lúbach, meaning "The Twisted One") is a river with healthy Trout and Salmon populations. It rises in the hills south of Kilfinane and flows through Kilmallock. It joins the Maigue south of Bruree.

Morning Star River

The Morning Star is a little river which flows westwards through rich farmland through Bruff and Athlacca to join the Maigue north of Bruree.

Camogue River

The River Camogue flows in a westerly direction through Grange, Meanus and Manister and joins the Maigue upstream of Croom.

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