River Hor

The River Hor at Horsham St Faith
Country England
State Norfolk
Region East of England
District Broadland
Part of River Bure
Source Spring in the churchyard of St Margaret's Church
 - location Felthorpe
 - elevation 34 m (112 ft)
 - coordinates 52°42′37″N 1°12′37″E / 52.7103°N 1.2104°E / 52.7103; 1.2104
Mouth River Bure
 - location west of Wroxham
 - coordinates 52°42′14″N 1°22′44″E / 52.70389°N 1.37889°E / 52.70389; 1.37889Coordinates: 52°42′14″N 1°22′44″E / 52.70389°N 1.37889°E / 52.70389; 1.37889
Length 13.3 km (8 mi)
Location within Norfolk
Horsham St Faith

The River Hor is a short river in the County of Norfolk, England. It runs 13.3 kilometres (8.3 mi) east from its source near Felthorpe to its confluence with the River Bure near Wroxham.[1]


The name of the river is probably a back-formation from the name of villages that it flows through. The village of Horsford has a name meaning "ford that horses can cross", so the river's name may be formed from that.[2]


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