River Findhorn

The River Findhorn is crossed by the Highland Main Line railway and the A9 road just east of Tomatin

The River Findhorn (Scottish Gaelic: Uisge Fionn Èireann) is one of the longest rivers in Scotland. Located in the north east, it flows into the Moray Firth on the north coast. It has one of the largest non-firth estuaries in Scotland.

The river provides excellent salmon and trout fishing and is popular with anglers from around the globe. It is also one of Scotland's classic white water kayaking rivers (varying from grade 2 to 4) and draws canoeists from across the country.


(from south to north)


(from south to north)

Coordinates: 57°38′N 3°38′W / 57.633°N 3.633°W / 57.633; -3.633

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