Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Rio: Rainbow Gate

Cover of the first Blu-ray release
リオ レインボーゲート
(Rio: Reinbō Gēto)
Genre Gambling, Comedy
Anime television series
Directed by Takao Kato
Produced by Shinji Horikiri
Written by Mayori Sekijima
Music by Atsushi Umebori
Studio Xebec
Licensed by
Network Tokyo MX, TVA, MBS, BS11, AT-X
English network
Original run January 4, 2011 March 29, 2011
Episodes 13 + 1 Bonus Episode

Rio: Rainbow Gate! (リオ レインボーゲート Rio: Reinbō Gēto) is an anime series produced by Xebec under the direction of Takao Kato. Based on Tecmo's Rio Series (Rioシリーズ Rio Shirīzu) of pachinko games (from Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen), the series revolves around titular character Rio Rollins, a popular casino dealer working at the Howard Resort, and the thirteen cards called Gates which are used to determine the world's most skilled dealer. The anime aired on Tokyo MX and related channels between January 4, 2011 and March 29, 2011.


In an island casino called the Howard Resort (ハワードリゾート Hawādo Rizōto), Rio Rollins is a popular casino dealer with the ability to bring good luck to gamblers just by walking past them, earning her the nickname "The Goddess of Victory". Mint Clark, a young child, comes to the Howard Resort with her grandfather and encounters Rio, and the two become the best of friends.

Rio's life soon changes when it is revealed that she is a "Gate Holder", a dealer who holds one of the 13 legendary cards called "Gates", and whoever collects them all will be named "Most Valuable Casino Dealer" (MVCD). To collect all 13 Gates, Rio must take part in special matches called "Gate Battles" with other Gate Holders and gain their Gates to become the most valuable casino dealer in the world.


Main characters

Rio Rollins Tachibana (リオ・ロリンズ・タチバナ Rio Rorinzu Tachibana)
Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese); Ali Hillis (DOA games), Amber Lee Connors (Anime) (English)[1]
The most popular dealer in the Howard Resort casino who abides by the motto, "As the customer wishes" (お客様がお望みなら Okyaku-sama ga onozomi nara). Beautiful and well-endowed, she has a mysterious energy that gives good luck to her customers, earning her reputation as "The Goddess of Victory" (勝利の女神 Shōri no Megami). Rio is the daughter of the legendary dealer Risa Rollins, and has inherited her dealing skills. She has a pet ferret named Chip, and is revealed to be afraid of lightning, as shown during her stay at Misery's castle. It is revealed during one of her Gate Battles that she is a "Roll Ruler", an individual who can change the outcome of a Gate Battle through the aid of illusions. Rio was given the #7 Gate by a mysterious man, and currently holds six Gates after her Gate Battle with King, though it was later revealed that most of the Gates she won were Rina's. She later gains the #8 Gate from Dana, the #2 Gate from Joker, and the #10 Gate from Yang-Yang following her loss to Rina at the Sky Resort. She finally beats Rina in the final battle, claiming all 13 Gates and gaining access to the Ultimate Roll Ruler and the title of MVCD, which is the title bestowed upon the greatest dealer.
Outside of the anime and pachinko games, she also stars in the Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen series of games, and is a playable character in Dead or Alive Paradise.
Mint Clark (ミント・クラーク Minto Kurāku)
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese); Amanda Julina (English)[1]
A young girl who comes to the Howard Resort with her grandfather. She always carries around with her a stuffed bear named Choco.
Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana (リナ・ゴルトシュミット・タチバナ Rina Gorutoshumitto Tachibana)
Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi (Japanese); Brittany Lauda (English)[1]
Rio's childhood friend who had been recruited by Tom Howard as a dealer. Her mother was hospitalized and her father was frequently away on business trips when she was a child, and therefore was raised by Risa and Rio, the latter whom she had a sibling-like relationship. She has a mysterious energy that makes her customers weary, as opposed to Rio's aura which gives her customers energy. It is later revealed that she is Rio's half-sister and a Gate Holder working under Cartia, who is revealed to be her aunt. She seeks revenge on Rio and her mother, Risa Rollins, who allegedly eloped with her father, causing Rina's mother, Ilina, to fall into a coma. She is also a Roll Ruler as well, her abilities far surpassing Rio's, but lost to Rio at the end of the series. Before the final battle, she held nine Gates, four of which were given to Linda, Jack, Queen, and King, and one of the Gates being the Ace Gate.

Howard Resort employees

Tom Howard (トム・ハワード Tomu Hawādo)
Voiced by: Kōji Ishii (Japanese); Mike Pollock (English)
The owner of Howard Resort, donning a yellow suit with a large red tie and is often seen smoking a cigar. He tends to show a rather perverted nature, usually concerning the exposure of Rio's body by having her dress in embarrassing outfits. He later loses the Howard Resort following Rio's loss at a Gate Battle with Rina, but wins it back following Rio's victory and her gaining the MVCD title.
Rosa Canyon (ローザ・キャニオン Rōza Kyanion)
Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu (Japanese); Natalie Van Sistine (English)[1]
A Hollywood actress who works as a dealer at Howard Resort. Despite her movie status, she admits her popularity pales in comparison to Rio's. She was possessed by Misery's ghost in episode 3, and was later freed from her control after the latter's loss. However, it is later revealed that Misery's spirit still resides in her body, as shown in episode 9 when she takes control of Rosa's body to warn Rio of her castle being on the verge of being demolished by Cartia and in episode 12 during a ping-pong match with the other girls in a hot spring.
Elle Adams (エル・アダムズ Eru Adamuzu) and Ille Adams (イル・アダムズ Iru Adamuzu)
Voiced by: Aya Uchida (Japanese); Amanda Lee (Elle), Caitlynn French (Ille) (English)
Twin sisters who work at the resort, both donning bunny suits. Elle usually provides explanation to Rio's abilities while Ille usually stays quiet, often just repeating the last word that was said.
Tiffany Abbot (ティファニー・アッボット Tifanī Abbotto)
Voiced by: Saki Nakajima (Japanese); Melissa Sternenberg (English)
A bunny girl working at the Howard Resort.
Anya Helsing (アーニャ・ヘルシング Ānya Herushingu)
Voiced by: Yukari Fukui (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)[1]
A new recruit from Russia who is training to become a dealer. Although her dealer skills are quite good, she is rather clumsy and sometimes causes havoc in the casino.
Dana (ダーナ Dāna)
Voiced by: Minori Chihara (Japanese); Michelle Rojas (English)
The magician of the Howard Resort and a fortune teller, using tarot cards to predict her customers' futures. It is later revealed in episode 10 that she is a Gate Holder, holding the #8 Gate.
Linda (リンダ(LINDA-R-2007) Rinda)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Japanese); Sarah Anne Williams (English)[1]
A cheerful robot who is the head dealer of the newly built Sky Resort, sporting noticeable tan lines. She serves as the resort's main computer terminal, controlling everything that happens with just a snap of her finger, and can link herself up with the resort's computer as well while wearing a special outfit. She was briefly reprogrammed by Jack to challenge Rio to a Gate Battle, carrying the #4 Gate hidden in her left wrist (which was given to her by Cartia, later revealed to be one of Rina's Gates), but lost after her head came loose just before crossing the finish line. A running gag in the series is that her head often falls off her body when least expected, often causing glitches in the computer system.


Cartia Goltschmidt (カルティア・ゴルトシュミット Karutia Gorutoshumitto)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese); Marissa Lenti (English)[1]
An ambitious casino dealer from Germany who seeks to take the Howard Resort in a Gate Battle, and uses her subordinates to carry out her plan. The main antagonist of the series, she is described as a cunning and manipulative woman who will use any means to ensure victory, and is often notoriously described by others as "an old lady". Cartia is revealed to be Rina's aunt, and has aided the latter in her plot for revenge against Rio. It has been hinted from Jack that Cartia wants to collect all of the Gates, stating that she will "see a rainbow" once she fulfills her goal, and it is later revealed from Dana that she is working with the Casino Guild to strengthen her goals. She later takes over the Howard Resort following Rio's loss to Rina during a Gate Battle, renaming it the Goltschmidt Kingdom (ゴルトシュミットキングダム Gorutoshumitto Kingudamu), but loses it at the end of the series following Rio's victory.
Bull Hard (ブル・ハード Buru Hādo)
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada (Japanese); Billy Bob Thompson (English)
An American cowboy who is the self-proclaimed "Master of Lottery Vending Machines" (自販機クジの達人). He held Anya hostage and challenged Rio to a game, only to lose when he later challenges to a drinking contest with a hot drink. He is later revealed to be one of Cartia's henchmen when he was given back his pistol by the latter, and later returns at the Sky Resort to carry out Cartia's plan.
Queen (クイーン Kuīn)
Voiced by: Yū Asakawa (Japanese); Michele Knotz (English)
A Gate Holder known as the Merciless Queen (無慈悲のQ(クィーン)) and an expert sniper, holding the Queen Gate. She challenged Rio to a Gate Battle involving shooting targets inside a wind tunnel following the latter's previous battle with Jack. She initially had the upper hand due to her sniper abilities, and attempted to cheat by knocking Rio out, but lost following an incident involving Linda's head being knocked off by Anya which caused the wind tunnel to shut down momentarily, allowing Rio to claim victory once it was turned back on.
King (キング Kingu)
Voiced by: Eiji Takemoto (Japanese); Matt Shipman (English)
A Gate Holder known as the Strong-Armed King (豪腕のK(キング)), holding the King Gate. He is a professional con artist who often wins guessing games by crushing objects in his hand so they won't be picked. Despite his strength, he is not very bright.
Yang-Yang (ヤンヤン Yan'yan) and Ang-Ang (アンアン An'an)
Voiced by: Asuka Ōgame (Yang-Yang) (Japanese); Cheryl Li (Yang-Yang) (English)
Twin sisters of Chinese descent wearing jiangshi outfits. Yang-Yang is a Gate Holder known as "Number Ten" for the #10 Gate she holds, while Ang-Ang, the younger sister, is silent and taciturn, only communicating with the talisman worn on her hat. They challenged Rio and Mint to a Gate Battle involving an explosive game of concentration inside the Concentration Bomber, nearly ending in a tie until Rio uses her aura to aid Mint in winning the game. Howard reveals to Cartia that the Concentration Bomber was an unstable project, which is why he had it shut down. Ang-Ang manages to save Mint when the card underneath her exploded, where it is revealed that she is actually Choco brought to life by Yang-Yang's magic, as she wanted a companion (she claims her magic only works on items made in China). Choco turns into Ang-Ang once again during a bonus episode, where she repays Mint's kindness by buying her a camera.
Charlie (チャーリー Chārī)
Voiced by: Yasuhiko Kawazu (Japanese); Nick Landis (English)
The leader of the Casino Guild's radical faction.

Other characters

Clark (クラーク Kurāku)
Voiced by: Katsumi Chou (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)
Mint's grandfather and a wealthy millionaire.
Orlin Dunhill (オーリン・ダンヒル Ōrin Danhiru)
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese); Jason Marnocha (English)
A gambler known as the Queen Killer (クィーンキラー Kuīn Kirā) who came after Mint's bear. He challenges Rio to a closed poker match for it and makes a gamble to get all four Queens, but lost to Rio who wins with a pair of twos. It was later revealed that he collects stuffed animals to fulfill his sorrow from being dumped at the altar, and claims that Mint's bear is a rare Belgian collectible, only to find out from Elle and Ille that it isn't a Belgian original. He, along with Elvis, reappear later on to challenge Rio to a rematch game, only to lose to her again with Jack's aid.
Elvis (エルビス Erubisu)
Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese); Vic Mignogna (English)
A narcissistic Gate Holder holding the #3 Gate with a playboy persona, being portrayed with a multitude of swooning girls around him. Elvis is a highly skilled mathematician, being able to predict his own moves before executing them, and believes that the numbers revolve around him and are always on his side. He challenges Rio to a Gate Battle in the form of a giant roulette table and initially had the upper hand with his mathematics skills, but loses when the bandage on his finger comes off while throwing the ball. He later appears in the newly remodeled Goltschmidt Kingdom resort along with Orlin to challenge Rio to a rematch, only to lose again with aid from Jack.
Misery (ミザリィ Mizaryi)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura
A woman who once owned a castle with a casino inside of it. However, she lost everything after losing to a high-stakes game of craps. Her ghost was resurrected when lightning struck her castle, and sought to win the Howard Resort in a game. Her powers are the complete opposite to Rio's, as she brings bad luck to gamblers. She also has a bottomless appetite for chicken wings, as they were once her favorite, shown when she downs multiple boxes of them. She attacked Elle and Ille, both of whom she later possessed, and took over Rosa's body after she possessed her. She then challenged Rio to a game over the resort, and initially had the upper hand tricking Rio with her illusions, but they were dispelled after she ate a super-spicy chicken wing from Rina who disguised herself as a delivery girl, allowing Rio to win the game and her friends. It is later revealed throughout the series that Misery is still residing in Rosa's body, as she possessed the latter to tell Rio that Jack had aided her in her games against Orlin and Elvis and warned her about Cartia's intent to tear down her castle before she releases control.
Risa Rollins (リサ・ロリンズ Risa Rorinzu) / Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Meli Grant (English)
Rio's mother, a legendary casino dealer known as the Double Rs (ダブル・アール Daburu Āru). Risa taught Rio and Rina her dealing techniques during their childhoods, and was the previous MVCD, having collected all 13 Gates. She disappeared from public eyes and disguised herself as Joker, a masked Gate Holder holding the #2 Gate, to hide herself from the Casino Guild and to protect Rio, and later challenges Rio to a Gate Battle to see if she is worthy of challenging Rina again. It is revealed by Rina that she allegedly had an affair with her father, which resulted in Rina's mother falling into a coma. Like Rio and Rina, she, too, has Roll Ruler abilities, and has the most powerful Roll Ruler in the series, being able to create an illusion of the Howard Resort (both inside and out) when Dana and Rio were trapped in it.
Jack Mighty (ジャック・マイティ Jakku Maiti)
Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese); Kira Buckland (English)
A young boy with telekinetic powers (referred to as "Mighty Power" (マイティパワー Maiti Pawā)) and a Gate Holder, holding the Jack Gate. He and his parents were part of a bomb disposal squad, and was taken in by Cartia who just wanted to use him for his powers. He was first ordered by Cartia to reprogram Linda to challenge Rio to a Gate Battle, but relinquishes control of her after Rio won. He later appears in person to challenge Rio to a Gate Battle involving a game of Space Pinball, being offered a chance at freedom if he wins, and initially had the upper hand with his abilities, but is overwhelmed when holographic sharks appeared. He soon lost to Rio after the third stage of the match, but later teams up with her to save Mint from the fourth stage after Linda's head was accidentally knocked off by Carlos. It is hinted that Mint may have feelings for Jack when she persuades him to not use his powers against Rio prior to the match. Jack may also have feelings for Mint as well since it was hinted he was expecting a kiss from her, only to find out after it was from her stuffed bear.
Carlos Tanaka (カルロス 田中 Karurosu Tanaka)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (Japanese); Anthony Sardinha (English)
An Afro samurai who has the worst streak of bad luck at the resort.
Ilina Tachibana (イリーナ・タチバナ Irīna Tachibana)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese); Emily Fajardo (English)
Rina's mother and Cartia's sister. She is a weak and frail person who fell into a life-threatening coma after learning that her husband is having an affair with Risa.
Ray (レイ Rei)
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese); Howard Wang (English)
Rio and Rina's father, who is an executive officer of the Casino Guild.
Nina (ニーナ Nīna)


Gates (ゲート Gēto)
One of the thirteen cards issued by the International Casino Dealers Guild (インターナショナルカジノディーラーズギルド Intānashonaru Kajino Dīrāzu Girudo, "ICDG") to determine the strongest dealer in the world. The cards are arranged after a suit of cards (from ace to king), and people who own these cards are called Gate Holders (ゲート ホルダー Gēto Horudā). When the 13 Gates are combined and won by the winning Gate Holder, known as the MVCD (Most Valued Casino Dealer), it forms a Rainbow Gate which can grant the MVCD one wish.
Gate Battle (ゲート バトル Gēto Batoru)
A duel in which two Gate Holders wager their Gates. Gate Battles can be any game the dealer chooses, and the Gate Holder can add any rule or condition as he/she pleases. According to Tom Howard, Gate Holders cannot refuse a Gate Battle once it has been announced. He has also stated that continuous Gate Battles can easily wear out an individual, as with the case with Rio.
Roll Ruler (ロールルーラー Rōru Rūrā)
A Gate Holder who can change the battlefield of a Gate Battle to his or her liking. The Roll Ruler's power depends on how many Gates a Gate Holder wields, and a Roll Ruler can also change the outcome of a Gate Battle. In rare cases, a Roll Ruler's battlefield can also reflect its user's true feelings, as with the case with Rina. There are three Roll Rulers in the series: Rio, Rina, and Risa/Joker.
Project Rainbow (プロジェクトレインボー Purojekuto Reinbō)


The series, produced by Xebec, is directed by Takao Kato, written by Mayori Sekijima, produced by Shinji Horikiri, character design by Hisashi Shimura, and music by Atsushi Umebori. The anime aired on Tokyo MX between January 4, 2011 and March 29, 2011, with subsequent broadcasts on TV Aichi, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., Nico Nico Channel, BS NTV, and AT-X. Crunchyroll provides simulcasts of the series on their website to their paid subscribers, with others seeing it a week later.[2] The series was released on seven DVD and Blu-ray volumes between April 29, 2011 and October 19, 2011, the last of which contains a bonus episode.[3] The opening theme for the series is "Let's Spin the World Together!" (世界と一緒にまわろうよ! Sekai to Issho ni Mawarō yo!) by the Love Roulettes, consisting of Marina Inoue (Rio), Ayana Taketatsu (Mint), Chiaki Takahashi (Rina), and Yōko Hikasa (Linda), while the ending theme is "Miracle☆Chance" (みらくる☆ちゃんす Mirakuru Chansu) by ULTRA-PRISM. CD singles of the songs were released on January 26, 2011 by Universal Music.[4] The anime was licensed in North America by Media Blasters in 2013[5] and released on DVD, in the Japanese language with English subtitles, on March 25, 2014.[6] The series premiered on Toku in the United States on December 31, 2015.

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Goddess of Victory"
"Goddesu obu Vikutorī" (ゴッデス オブ ヴィクトリー) 
January 4, 2011
Mint Clark goes on holiday with her grandfather to the Howard Resort. While her grandfather enjoys the casino, Mint explores the resort and eventually meets the casino's most famous dealer, Rio Rollins Tachibana. As Rio and Mint go for a walk, they are approached by a man and his henchmen who attempt to take Mint's teddy bear, Choco, but Rio fights them off. After Mint bears witness to the good fortune that Rio brings to her customers in the casino, they are once again approached by the man, Orlin Dunhill, who decides to play a game of closed poker against Rio for Mint's bear. Orlin makes a gamble to get four Queens though, but thanks to Rio's ability to communicate with her cards, he loses out to Rio who wins with a pair of twos. Afterward, Orlin explains he had been collecting rare stuffed animals to fulfill his sorrow from being dumped at the altar, only to then find that Mint's bear isn't a Belgium original. 
2 "Gate Holder"
"Gēto Horudā" (ゲート ホルダー) 
January 11, 2011[7]
Rio is asked to train a new recruit named Anya Helsing to be a dealer. Anya is quick to point out that Rio owns a "Gate", one of thirteen rare cards that are wagered in battles with other "Gate Holders" to determine the strongest dealer in the world. Although her dealer skills are quite good, she is rather clumsy, causing some chaos in the casino. Meanwhile, a Gate Holder named Elvis comes to challenge Rio to a Gate Battle set on a giant roulette table. Although Elvis has confidence is his prediction of numbers, he ultimately loses to Rio when a bandage he was wearing on his finger comes off while throwing the ball, allowing Rio to guess correctly and win his gate. 
3 "Misery"
"Mizaryi" (ミザリィ) 
January 18, 2011[7]
Howard takes Rio to a supposedly haunted castle which used to feature a casino owned by a woman named Misery, with plans to refurbish it as part of the Howard Resort. During the stormy night, lightning strikes the castle, which frees the ghost of Misery, who goes to the Howard Casino and spreads bad luck. She attempts to win the casino in a game with Anya, but instead falls victim to her clumsiness and freaks out. Misery later attacks a chicken wing delivery van, and when employees El and Il Adams discover her, they are attacked too. The next night, Rio gets a call from fellow employee Rosa Canyon, who had been possessed by Misery's spirit. Upon returning to the castle, Rio finds Misery, who challenges her to a game for the Howard Resort, having already taken control of El and Il and kidnapped Howard. The game involves betting to see if the dice will land on an odd or even number, but Rio is troubled by Misery's illusions. However, they are dispelled when Misery eats a super-spicy chicken wing she got from a mysterious delivery girl, allowing Rio to win the game and free Rosa. As Rio chases after the delivery girl, she reveals herself as her childhood friend, Rina, who has also been recruited by Howard. 
4 "Sisters"
"Shisutāzu" (シスターズ) 
January 25, 2011[7]
Rio takes Rina on a tour of the resort, introducing to the other employees. Rina also notes that Rio is a Gate Holder, mentioning how Rio's mother, Risa Rollins, once owned all 13 Gates. Their date is cut short when a man named Bull Hard takes Anya hostage. He challenges Rio to a vending machine lottery game, but is easily defeated when he tries challenging her to a drinking contest with a hot drink. The next day Rina begins work as a dealer, and her aura seems to make customers weary. Howard then decides to put both Rio and Rina in a game of clay pigeon shooting where players lose items of clothing if they miss; this task made tougher by the wind created by the excited customers. When Rio is at a disadvantage due to the appearance of seagulls during her turn, Rina throws her final turn, ending the match in a draw. Later that night, Howard gets ready for an opportunity with a robotic girl named Linda while Bull is seen talking to a mysterious woman interested in Rio's powers. 
5 "Sky Resort"
"Sukai Rizōto" (スカイリゾート) 
February 1, 2011[7]
Howard sends Rio, Rina and Anya to work at the Sky Resort casino situated at the top of a mountain. Once there, they meet the resort's dealer, Linda, who gives them a tour of the facilities. She is soon revealed to be a robot, and the resort's main terminal. The resort opens the next day, floating itself and its customers high into the sky. Just then, a boy reprograms Linda to challenge Rio to a Gate Battle in which they must both race each other down a giant water slide. The match is a close call throughout, with Linda manipulating the course to catch up; however, Rio wins when Linda loses her head. After the boy relinquishes control of Linda, the mastermind, Cartia Goltschmidt, approaches Howard. 
6 "Roll Ruler"
"Rōru Rūrā" (ロールルーラー) 
February 8, 2011[7]
Howard informs Rio, Rina and the others that Cartia had challenged Rio to a Gate Battle against someone named Jack with Howard Resort on the line. Mint asks Linda to draw the culprit who manipulated her data, which leads her to suspect Carlos Tanaka, an Afro samurai with terrible luck, as the culprit. Meanwhile, Rio, who has been getting a lot of silent calls lately, is shocked to find Misery's portrait in her room. As Mint follows Carlos, her bear almost falls off the resort but is rescued by a boy with telekinetic powers who is revealed to be Rio's opponent, Jack Mighty. Jack challenges Rio to a game of Space Pinball for the Gate. Before the match, Mint talks with Jack, who reveals he used to be in a bomb disposal family before he was taken in by Cartia, who just wants to use him for his powers, saying he'll be free if he wins against Rio. During the match, Jack gets the advantage due to his powers but is soon overwhelmed when holographic sharks appear. Rio helps him escape the sharks, but he attacks her ship. However, Rio exits her ship and gets her own back to take the lead and win the match. However, when Carlos accidentally knocks Linda's head off, it activates a more dangerous phase which puts Mint in danger, so Rio and Jack work together to help her and stop the malfunction. 
7 "Antlion"
"Antoraion" (アントライオン) 
February 15, 2011[8]
Only two hours after the battle against Jack, Howard reveals another Gate Battle will take place against a woman named Queen despite Rio being exhausted from the last battle. The battle sees Rio and Queen flying up a wind tunnel while shooting targets. Meanwhile, the others learn that Cartia had hacked the Sky Resort's computers, preventing them from landing, with Jack revealing Cartia won't release it until Rio loses. Queen attempts to cheat to get an advantage over Rio, but another incident involving Linda's head falling off again turns it around for Rio. With Rio physically exhausted from her battle, Rina looks after her and takes her to a bathhouse, where Rio feels someone is watching her. Afterwards, Rina is taken hostage while Rio is locked in the hologram room, facing against dangerous physical holograms which cause her to faint. Rio barely has time to recover from this before Cartia arranges yet another Gate Battle against a man named King with Rina held captive. 
8 "Ace"
"Ēsu" (エース) 
February 22, 2011[8]
In order to save Rina, Rio has to guess which hand King will have a coin in after he flips it, not made easy by Rio's fatigue and King's history as a con artist. However, Rio sees through his strategy of destroying the coin, and picks one a hand that's guaranteed to be empty. However, Rina disappears again. Meanwhile, Jack hacks into the systems using a videogame-like controller to try to take control of the flight system. Despite being told to rest, Rio goes to search for Rina, and is shocked to discover she is a Gate Holder working under Cartia, who is revealed to be her aunt. Rina claims to be seeking revenge against Rio's mother, Risa Rollins, for allegedly seducing her father and convincing him to leave her weak mother, who fell into a coma out of shock, revealing they are blood-related. A Gate Battle takes place in a game of poker, where Rina's superior Roll Ruler abilities win against Rio, who falls unconscious. 
9 "Joker"
"Jōkā" (ジョーカー) 
March 1, 2011[8]
As a result of Rio's defeat, Cartia takes control of the Howard Resort and remakes it into the Goltschmidt Kingdom, leaving Howard with only the Sky Resort which is left floating in the sea. Upon returning from a movie shoot, Rosa is approached by the fortune teller Dana, who reveals that the Casino Guild is working with Cartia, who is trying to locate the last two Gate Holders for Rina to battle. Meanwhile, Orlin and Elvis, who haven't enjoyed gambling as much following Cartia's takeover, come to challenge Rio in a game in which the loser must leave the casino forever. Rio wins the games, but then Misery takes over Rosa again, revealing Jack had used his powers to help Rio win and mentioning Cartia plans to tear down Misery Castle before she leaves. Howard later calls Rio over to help him sabotage the Goltschmidt Resort but they are caught. Rio rejects an offer from Cartia to be a general manager and leaves, warning Rina on her way out. When she loses track of Howard, she encounters a Joker and she, along with Dana, are transported inside someone else's Roll Ruler. 
10 "Reverse"
"Ribāsu" (リバース) 
March 8, 2011[8]
Rio and Dana follow her ferret, Chip, to a casino where the mysterious Joker is holding Howard captive. She challenges Rio to a game of blackjack in order for her to escape her Roll Ruler, which forces them into a draw at every play. As Rio realizes her compassionate ways made her ignorant of Rina's true feelings, she ends up losing a hand. However, after Mint and Jack arrive, Rio manages to win a hand, to which Joker presents with a Gate and frees her from her Roll Ruler, deeming her worthy of challenging Rina again. Meanwhile, Rina becomes curious of Cartia's motives for getting all the Gates. Later, Rio learns Dana is the final Gate Holder, who challenges her to cross a trap filled bridge in order to win her gate. Using her Roll Ruler, Rio figures out the positions of the traps and how to turn them against her, allowing her to win. As Howard converses with the true identity of Joker, Rio and her friends head to Goltschmidt Kingdom in order to confront Rina again. 
11 "Number Ten"
"Nanbā Ten" (ナンバーテン) 
March 15, 2011[9]
Rio and her friends enter Goltschmidt Kingdom and start winning big in the various attractions in order to be able to buy back the resort. However, Mint's bear Choco goes missing, so Rio goes with her back to the casino to search for it. Meanwhile, Howard talks to the true Joker, Risa Rollins, who reveals she hid herself from the Casino Guild to protect Rio. The next day, everyone had lost their winnings thanks to twins named Yang-Yang and An-An who challenge Rio and friends to an explosive game of Concentration. With the score tied, Rio shares her aura with Mint, who is able to find the final pair and win the match. Just then, a wayward explosion hits Mint, but she is rescued by An-An, who is revealed to be Choco, who Yang-Yang had taken to make into a friend to play with. Rina then appears and Rio challenges her to a Gate Battle. 
12 "Speculation"
"Supekyurēshon" (スペキュレーション) 
March 24, 2011[9]
After publicly announcing the terms of the Gate Battle, Howard takes Rio and the others on vacation to an island town to relax before the battle. While looking for Rio, Mint meets an old man, who explains Rio used to come to this place with Rina and Risa when she was young. Meanwhile, Rio visits her old vacation home where she almost discovers Rina before learning that Mint had gotten lost trying to find her. Mint is found by Rina, who uses her Roll Ruler to protect her from a bear. As Rina returns Mint to Howard, he tries to explain that Cartia is lying to her, though she says that even if it was a lie, it has made her stronger. On the night of the Gate Battle, which is to be a 15-game match of poker, Joker takes Elvis' place as the dealer. Rina wins the first two games using her Roll Ruler, but Rio hints she has a trick up her sleeve. 
13 "Rainbow Gate"
"Reinbō Gēto" (レインボーゲート) 
March 29, 2011[9]
Rina gains a huge advantage over Rio, managing to lead 14-0. However, Rio soon starts to make her comeback, and as the two put their Roll Rulers to the test, the Gates start to glow. With the game tied 14–14, Rio takes Rina and Joker into her Roll Ruler world, where secrets cannot be hidden. Joker reveals her identity as Risa, revealing that she and Rina's father had to leave to protect Rio and Rina from the Casino Guild, who wanted to use them for evil, while Rina is shown her suppressed memories, and her resolve for fighting is shown. Upon returning to the real world, Rio wins due to her Royal Straight Flush and is declared the new MVCD. The Gates then activate to form the Rainbow Gate which Rio enters. However, the casino is attacked by Casino Guild radicals who try to capture Rio, but are stopped by Carlos, who reveals himself to be a member of the ICDG Police, revealing the radicals' intentions to use the MVCD for evil and convincing them to retreat. Meanwhile, Rio's ultimate Roll Ruler spreads good fortune throughout the entire world, giving everyone good luck. As life returns to normal, some mysterious figures appear on the roof of Howard Resort. 
Bonus "Let's Happy & Day Dream"
"Rettsu☆Happī ando Dei☆Dorīmu" (レッツ☆ハッピー&デイ☆ドリーム) 
October 19, 2011
A brisk wind blows one of Yang-Yang's talismans which turns Choco into human form again. Choco decides she wants to earn money so she can buy Mint a camera for her birthday. Though she doesn't have any luck in the casino, she manages to get a reward for returning Howard's wallet to him. Meanwhile, Linda, Mint and Jack stumble across some strange robotic aliens that crash landed on the resort, who shoot a beam that sends Mint and Jack to a strange world based on Linda's dreams. Choco gets help from Ille to buy the camera, though her talisman gets blown off and she reverts to a teddy bear, but Ille manages to deliver the camera to Mint. 


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