Right to Philosophy

On the Right to Philosophy

Cover of the first edition
Author Jacques Derrida
Original title Du droit à la philosophie
Country France
Language French
Subject Philosophy
Publication date
Published in English
2002 (volume one)
2004 (volume two)
Media type Print

On the Right to Philosophy (French: Du droit à la philosophie) is a 1990 book by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. It collects all of Derrida's writings, from 1975 till 1990, on the issue of the teaching of philosophy, the academic institution and the politics of philosophy in school and in the university. It has been translated in English in two volumes: Who's Afraid of Philosophy?: Right to Philosophy 1 (2002), and Eyes of the University: Right to Philosophy 2 (2004).


Volume 1 contains the essay Where a Teaching Body Begins and How It Ends, (pp. 67–91) first published separaterly in 1976 in France;[1][2] and the 1977 essay The Age of Hegel (pp. 117–157).

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