Bukovinian Subcarpathians

Moldavian Plateau

Bukovinian Subcarpathians
Moldavian Subcarpathians

Suceava Plateau
Dniester Hills
Moldavian Plain
Bârlad Plateau
Central Moldavian Plateau

Bugeac Plain


Siret (Moldova, Suceava)
Dniester (Răut)
Black Sea



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Great Ridge, crossed by the river Moldova.

Bukovinian Subcarpathians (Romanian: Subcarpaţii Bucovinei, Obcinele Bucovinei) is a geographic area in the NNE of Romania (Suceava County) and SWW of Ukraine (Chernivtsi Oblast), situated to the east and north-east of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. It is a subunit of the Carpathian Foothills.

Bucovinian Subcarpathians are bounded by the Suceava Plateau on the low side, and the Carpathian Mountains on the upper side.

It consists of:

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