Richard Jarvis

Richard Jarvis
Born Richard William Hart Jarvis
(1829-11-30)November 30, 1829
Portland, Connecticut, United States
Died January 21, 1903(1903-01-21) (aged 73)
Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Occupation Company president
Religion Episcopalian
Relatives Samuel Colt, Elizabeth Jarvis Colt

Richard William Hart Jarvis (November 30, 1829 – January 21, 1903) was the brother-in-law of Samuel Colt who took control of Colt's Manufacturing Company on the death of Elisha K. Root, serving as the company's longest president from 1865 to 1901. Jarvis helmed the company from the end of the American Civil War through the early 20th century seeing the transition from percussion revolvers to cartridge revolvers to semiautomatic pistols and machineguns.[1]


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