Richard D. P. Jones

Richard Douglas P. Jones is an English musicologist, especially a Bach scholar.

Selected publications

Editing work

Jones has edited the following keyboard works by Bach:


Jones translated Alfred Dürr's standard work on Bach's cantatas to English.[1]

Book about Bach

Jones wrote The Creative Development of J. S. Bach in two volumes, published in 2007 and 2013 by Oxford University Press.[1] David Ledbetter notes in a review of volume I for Early Music that the book is focused on the "composer's creative development", while comparable works do not look at it, Christoph Wolff providing biographical details, David Schulenberg providing commentaries on individual keyboard pieces, Peter Williams looking at organ works in the order of the BWV catalogue, and Alfred Dürr at the cantatas following the liturgical year. Ledbetter summarises: "Anybody wishing to get to grips with the music of Bach will be well advised to equip themselves with this survey as their starting point."[2] A review of volume II by Peter Smaill compares "outstanding musical analysis" of the "all-embracing study of Bach's musical creativity, year by year" to the biography in three volumes by Philipp Spitta.[3]


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