Ricardo Ehrlich

Ricardo Ehrlich

Ricardo Ehrlich in 2007.
Municipal Intendant of Montevideo
In office
April 1, 2005  2010
President Tabaré Vázquez
Preceded by Mariano Arana
Succeeded by Hyara Rodríguez
Personal details
Born (1948-11-04) November 4, 1948
Nationality Uruguayan
Political party Broad Front
Residence Montevideo
Alma mater Université Louis Pasteur
Occupation Political, engineer
Religion Jewish

Ricardo Ehrlich (Spanish pronunciation: [riˈkarðo ˈerlitʃ]; Montevideo, born November 4, 1948) is a Uruguayan biologist and a political figure.


From 2005 until 2010 he was Mayor (styled Intendente Municipal in Uruguayan vernacular Spanish) of Montevideo. He is from the prominent local Jewish community.

Ehrlich was a student militant who was jailed under the Presidency of Juan Maria Bordaberry who led a coup in 1973 to reinforce his rule at a time of great social tension. Subsequently, on his release in 1973, Ehrlich spent many years in exile in Europe.

By profession Ehrlich is a leading biochemist in Uruguay.

In 2005 Ehrlich stood for the leftist Frente Amplio in Montevideo's mayoral elections and won, gaining 60.9% of the vote. His nearest rival, for the Colorado Party, was Pedro Bordaberry, a son of former President Juan Maria Bordaberry, who scored 26.9%.

He was longlisted for the 2008 World Mayor award.

On March 1, 2010 new president José Mujica appointed him Minister of Education.


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