Rhymesayers Entertainment

Rhymesayers Entertainment
Founded 1995
Founder Sean Daley (Slug)
Anthony Davis (Ant)
Musab Saad (Sab the Artist)
Brent Sayers (Siddiq)
Distributor(s) Warner Music Group
Genre Hip hop
Country of origin United States
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Official website www.rhymesayers.com
Rhymesayers Entertainment is headquartered in the same building as its music store, Fifth Element, in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Rhymesayers Entertainment is an indie hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1] It was co-founded in 1995 by Sean Daley (Slug), Anthony Davis (Ant), Musab Saad (Sab the Artist) and Brent Sayers (Siddiq).[2] Beginning in 2008, Rhymesayers Entertainment sponsors the annual Soundset Music Festival, a popular attraction that takes place over Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis, MN.

Current roster

Artists formerly signed to the label include

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