Lordship (County, Principality) of Reuss-Lobenstein
Herrschaft (Grafschaft, Fürstentum) Reuß-Lobenstein
State of the Holy Roman Empire, then
State of the Confederation of the Rhine
Flag of Reuss-Lobenstein (until 1820) Coat of arms of Reuss (Junior Line)
Capital Neundorf bei Lobenstein
Government Principality
Historical era Early Modern Age
  Partitioned from
   Annexed to Reuß-Plauen 1547 1425
  Re-created by partition
    from Reuß-Schleiz
  Raised to county 1673
  Partitioned to create
    Reuß-Hirschberg and
  Partitioned to create
   Raised to principality 1790 1824
  Inherited by R-Ebersdorf 1824
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Reuss-Lobenstein (German: Reuß-Lobenstein) was a state located in the German part of the Holy Roman Empire. The members of Reuss-Lobenstein family belonged to the Reuss Junior Line. Reuss-Lobenstein has existed on two different occasions, it was firstly created in 1425 as a lordship with Heinrich II, Lord of Reuss-Lobenstein becoming the first ruler. The first Lordship of Reuss-Lobenstein came to an end in 1547 when the territory went to Reuss-Plauen.

Reuss-Lobenstein was recreated in 1647 again as a lordship which it remained until 1673 when the title of lord was upgraded to count. Following the death of Count Heinrich X in 1671, Reuss-Lobenstein was ruled jointly by his three sons Heinrich III, Heinrich VIII and Heinrich X. In 1678 Reuss-Lobenstein was partitioned with Heinrich III remaining Count of Reuss-Lobenstein, Heinrich VIII becoming Count of Reuss-Hirschberg and Heinrich X becoming the Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf. Reuss-Lobenstein was partitioned for a second time in 1710 following the death of Heinrich III with Reuss-Selbitz being created for a younger son Heinrich XXVI while his eldest son Heinrich XV succeeded him as count of Reuss-Lobenstein.

Reuss-Lobenstein was raised to a principality in 1790 and joined the Confederation of the Rhine on 15 December 1806. With the death of Prince Heinrich LIV in 1824 the Reuss-Lobenstein line became extinct and was inherited by the Prince of Reuss-Ebersdorf.

Rulers of Reuss-Lobenstein

Lords of Reuss-Lobenstein, 1425–1547

To Reuss-Plauen, 1547

Lords of Reuss-Lobenstein 1647–1673

Raised to county, 1673

Counts of Reuss-Lobenstein (1673–1790)

Raised to principality, 1790

Princes of Reuss-Lobenstein (1790–1824)

To Reuss-Ebersdorf, 1824


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