Reumert prize

The Reumert prize (Danish: Årets Reumert) is an annual Danish awards ceremony to recognize excellence in theatre achievements in Denmark. The prize was founded by the Bikuben Foundation in 1998[1] and has been handed annually since then. The prizes are in 16 categories and 10 talent-prizes. A special committee decides who the recipients will be. The Bikuben Foundation chooses the members of the committee, the members are specialists in theatre, i.e. theatre critics. The recipients receive a statuette and a prize. As of 2016 the recipients also receive an amount of money. The recipients of the Reumert Prize of honour receive DDK 200 000, the recipients of the Talent prize receive DDK 35 000 and all other categories-recipients receive DDK 40 000.[2] The Reumert prize is named after the Danish actor Poul Reumert (1883-1968).


Prize recipients

Reumert Prize of honour

From 1998-2013 the prize was called Bikuben prize of honour 1998-2013. Since 2014 it is called Prize of honour (Årets hæderspris)

Reumert Special prize

The name of this prize was Reumert Special prize (Årets Reumert særpris) in 2000 and 2002 and again since 2014. In 2012-13 it was called Reumert prize of the jury. kaldtes den Juryens særpris.

Reumert for Best Performance

Reumert for Best leading actress

Reumert for Best leading actor

Reumert Talent prize



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