Respect to Mehmetçik Monument

Respect to Mehmetçik Monument
Coordinates 40°12′N 26°17′E / 40.200°N 26.283°E / 40.200; 26.283
Location Eceabat, Çanakkale Province, Turkey
Designer Tankut Öktem
Type Statue
Material Bronze
Opening date 1997 (1997)
Dedicated to Turkish soldier at Gallipoli Campaign

The Respect to Mehmetçik Memorial (Turkish: Mehmetçiğe Saygı Anıtı) is a monument in the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey. Mehmetçik is a common name given to soldiers in a war.


The monument is in Eceabat district of Çanakkale Province at about 40°12′N 26°17′E / 40.200°N 26.283°E / 40.200; 26.283. It is situated in the southern end of Albayrak heights in the Gallipoli Historical National Park which is facing the Anzac Cove[1]


The monument has been created by the Turkish sculptor Tankut Öktem (1941–2007) in 1997.[2]


The monument is a sculpture of a Turkish soldier carrying an Australian officer. The sculpture is based on an event in the Dardanelles Campaign of the World War I in which a Turkish soldier, after raising a white flag, carried a wounded Australian officer to Australian lines and returned to his lines before resuming the clash. There is also an inscription of a statement made by Lord Richard Casey then a lieutenant and the staff captain with the 3rd Brigade in the Australian army,[3] during a visit to Turkey about his respect to Turkish army.[4]


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