Requiem for a Secret Agent

Requiem for a Secret Agent
Directed by Sergio Sollima
Produced by Alberto Grimaldi
Written by Sergio Donati
Antonio del Amo
Sergio Sollima
Starring Stewart Granger
Daniela Bianchi
Peter van Eyck
Music by Antonio Pérez Olea
Piero Umiliani (uncredited)
Cinematography Carlo Carlini
Release dates
15 October 1966
Running time
102 minutes
Box office 203,014 admissions (France)
1,129,042 admissions (Spain)[1]

Requiem for a Secret Agent (also known as Requiem per un agente segreto) is an Italian international co-production Eurospy film. It was co-produced with Spain (where it was released as Consigna: Tánger 67) and West Germany (where it was released as Der Chef schickt seinen besten Mann).

The film was directed by Sergio Sollima, and was Sollima's third and last Eurospy film, and the first one he directed with his real name (in the two previous spy films he was credited as Simon Sterling).[2] It was shot in Morocco.[3][4]



The film's theme song was "Before it's Too Late", sung by Lydia MacDonald.


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