Republic of Noli

Republic of Noli
Repubblica di Noli  (Italian)
Flag Coat of arms
Location of the Republic of Noli
Capital Noli
Languages Latin, Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Aristocratic oligarchic republic (City-state) Podestà
Historical era Middle Age, Renaissance, Early Modern Age
  City established
   Established 7 August 1192
  Decreee by Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor 7 August 1192
   Annexation by Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy 2 December 1797
   XVIII century 4 km² (2 sq mi)
   XVIII century est. 1,500 
     Density 375 /km²  (971.2 /sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Marquisate of Finale
Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy
Today part of  Italy

The Republic of Noli was an Italian Maritime republic centered on the city of Noli that existed from 1192 to 1797.


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