Renewal Front

Renewal Front
President Sergio Massa
Founded June 2013
Headquarters Tigre, Argentina
Political position Centre[1][2]
National affiliation Justicialist Party
Colors      Black
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
20 / 257

The Renewal Front (Spanish: Frente Renovador, FR, alternative translation "Front for Reform"[3]) is a Peronist political alliance in the Argentine Province of Buenos Aires. It is in opposition against the ruling Front for Victory faction within the Justicialist Party and therefore considered part of the dissident Peronist wing.[4]

The Front was founded by Sergio Massa, the mayor of Tigre, in 2013, ahead of the Argentine mid-term elections. Massa was chief of the cabinet under President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner from 2008 to 2009 and member of the Front for Victory, but broke with the Kirchnerist faction and formed his own political movement.

In the October 2013 mid-term election for the Argentine Chamber of Deputies won 43.9% of the votes and 16 of 35 seats in Buenos Aires Province, distancing the Front of Victory by more than 11 percentage points.[5][6]

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