Reneta Indzhova

Reneta Indzhova
Ренета Инджова
44th Prime Minister of Bulgaria
In office
Acting: 17 October 1994  25 January 1995
President Zhelyu Zhelev
Preceded by Lyuben Berov
Succeeded by Zhan Videnov
Personal details
Born (1953-07-06) 6 July 1953
Nova Zagora, Bulgaria
Political party Independent
Spouse(s) Boyan Slavenkov (divorced)
Children Ralitsa (died in 2014)

Reneta Ivanova Indzhova (Bulgarian: Ренета Иванова Инджова) (born 6 July 1953)[1] is a Bulgarian politician and manager. Between October 1994 and January 1995 she served as Prime Minister of Bulgaria, the first woman in Bulgaria and still the only one to date to hold this office.[2]


Reneta Indzhova was born 6 July 1953 in Nova Zagora. She studied at the university, obtained a PhD and became professor of political economy. She married and had a child, but later divorced. She worked as a financial expert for the liberal-conservative Democratic Union (UDF) and was head of Bulgaria's Privatization Agency (1992–1994). Indzhova was appointed by President Zhelev, leader of the UDF, to head a caretaker government after the collapse of Lyuben Berov's cabinet. During her brief time in office she gained some popularity for her efforts to combat organized crime.[3]

In 1995 Indzhova ran for Mayor of Sofia as an independent, finishing third. In 2001 she took part in the presidential elections but failed to garner significant support.

In 2014 she appeared in the headlines for the first time in more than a decade. As head of the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria, she accused her two direct subordinates for exerting undue political pressure in the institution.[4]


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