Renée French

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Renée French

Renée French at the 2010 Alternative Press Expo.
Born 1963 (age 5253)
Pen name Rainy Dohaney
Occupation comics writer and illustrator
Nationality United States
Spouse Rob Pike

Renée French (born 1963) is an American comics writer and illustrator and, under the pen name Rainy Dohaney, a children's book author.


Her work includes "H Day" (Picturebox), The Soap Lady (inspired by the display in the Mütter Museum) (Top Shelf Productions), The Ticking (Top Shelf Productions), and Micrographica (Top Shelf Productions), "Edison Steelhead's Lost Portfolio - Exploratory Studies of Girls and Rabbits" (Sparkplug Comicbooks), and "Marbles in My Underpants" (Oni Press). She also has a weekly strip "The Taint" in the New York Press. Her serialized comic "Baby Bjornstrand" appears on the Study Group Comic Books website.[1] The New York Times said her graphic novels "split the difference between adorable and horrifically gross";[2] writing about "Baby Bjornstrand", they called it "equal parts Daffy Duck and Samuel Beckett, and all quirky Renée French".[3]

French has a serialized illustrated story in the Fantagraphics Books quarterly Mome called "Almost Sound". She is also the author of the comic book for children, Barry's Best Buddy, released by Toon Books in 2013.[4]


French drew both the mascot of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system ("Glenda", aka "the Plan 9 Bunny"), and the gopher mascot for the Go programming language.[5]

Personal life

French is married to Rob Pike, one of the creators of Plan 9 from Bell Labs, and of the Go programming language at Google.[6] They split their time between the United States and Australia.


In 2007, French was nominated for a number of comics industry awards - including for best artist nods from the Eisner,[7] Ignatz,[8] and Harvey Awards[9] - for the graphic novel The Ticking. French won the Inkpot award at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con.


Select comics works

Children's books – as Rainy Dohaney


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