René, Duke of Alençon

René of Alençon
Duke of Alençon
Count of Perche
Spouse(s) Marguerite of Harcourt
Margaret of Lorraine
Noble family House of Valois-Alençon
Father John II of Alençon
Mother Marie of Armagnac
Born 1454
Died 1 November 1492(1492-11-01)
Chateau d'Alençon
Coat of arms of the counts and dukes of Alençon of the House of Valois.
Coat of arms of the counts of Perche.

René of Alençon (1454 – 1 November 1492, Chateau d'Alençon, age 37–38), was the son of John II of Alençon and Marie of Armagnac.

Restoration of title

In 1478, he was restored as Duke of Alençon and Count of Perche, titles which had been confiscated from his family after his father's conviction in 1474.


His first wife was Marguerite, daughter of William of Harcourt, Count of Tancarville. He married a second time on 14 May 1488 at Toul, to Margaret of Lorraine (1463 1 November 1521),[1] daughter of Frederick, Count of Vaudémont and Yolande of Anjou. Margaret bore him three children:

  1. Charles IV of Alençon (14891525)
  2. Françoise of Alençon (c. 1490 14 September 1550, La Fleche), Duchess of Beaumont, married 1505 in Blois, François, Duke of Longueville (d. 1512), married 1513 Charles, Duke of Vendôme
  3. Anne (30 October 1492 18 October 1562, Casale Monferrato), Lady of la Guerche, married 31 August 1508 in Blois William IX Paleologos, Marquess of Montferrat

He also had several illegitimate children:

  1. Charles (d. 1545), Lord of Cany
  2. Marguerite, married 1485 Jacques de Boisguyon, married Henri de Bournel
  3. Jacqueline, married Gilles des Ormes


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René, Duke of Alençon
House of Valois-Alençon
Born: 1454 Died: 1 November 1492
Preceded by
John II
Duke of Alençon
1478 1492
Succeeded by
Charles IV
Count of Perche
1478 1492
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