Saint Remaclus

Statue of Saint Remaclus, Saint Sebastian's church in Stavelot.
Born late 6th or early 7th century

Duchy of Aquitaine
Died between 671 and 676

Stavelot, Imp Abb Stavelot-Malmedy (now Belgium)
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine Stavelot Abbey
Feast September 3
Attributes Generally accompanied by a wolf

Saint Remaclus (Remaculus, Remacle, Rimagilus; died 673) was a Benedictine missionary bishop. He grew up at the Aquitanian ducal court and studied under Sulpitius the Pious, bishop of Bourges. Remaclus became a monk in 625 and was then ordained a priest. He was the first to head the monastery of Solignac after being appointed by Saint Eligius.

He was an advisor to Sigebert II of Austrasia and convinced him to establish the double-monastery of Stavelot and Malmedy in 648. Remaclus served as abbot of Stavelot and Malmedy.

St. Remacle Square, in Stavelot

He was appointed missionary bishop of Maastricht in 652 and served until 663. Inhabitants of this troubled diocese had murdered some of his predecessors. However, Remaclus successfully spread monasticism in the region. He worked with Saint Hadelin. He served as the spiritual teacher to Saint Trudo, Saint Babolen, Saint Theodard of Maastricht, and Saint Lambert.

He subsequently retired to the abbey of Stavelot, where he died. His shrine is situated there. His feast day is September 3.

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