Rejimen Artileri Diraja

For The British Royal Regiment of Artillery, see Royal Artillery.
Rejimen Artileri Diraja

Crest of Rejimen Artileri DiRaja
Active 15 August 1957–present
Country  Malaysia
Branch Malaysian Army
Type Artillery
Role Direct / indirect fire support
Air defence
Part of Malaysian Armed Forces
Motto(s) Tangkas Tegas Saksama
Colonel-In-chief H.R.H. Tuanku Al-Sultan Ismail Petra ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Yahya Petra

The Rejimen Artileri DiRaja (Royal Artillery Regiment) is the artillery corps of the Malaysian Army. Rejimen Artileri DiRaja was formed in Kajang on 15 August 1957 when a single battery was formed, drawn from Malay personnel formerly serving with the British Army's Royal Regiment of Artillery. Today Rejimen Artileri DiRaja is a modern fighting arm providing direct fire support to Malaysian Army units using field artillery pieces and MLRS.


In 1957, an officer from Malaya Command was sent to Singapore to invite Malayan citizens serving with the 1st Singapore Artillery regiment to return home and serve with the Federation Artillery Battery. The drive succeeded in recruiting 89 personnel of 1 Singapore Artillery to return and serve with the Federation Army.

On 15 August 1957, the 1st Field Battery, Federation Army was formed in Kajang with the 89 members at the core. The battery was equipped with the British 25 pounder field gun and was commanded by Major Sherston Baker, Royal Artillery. succeeded Major M. Barkeley RA was Major Rowe and on 1 January 1962 the 1st Regiment Federation Artillery was formed under Lt Col W E Black.

Colonel In Chief And Regimental Motto

H.R.H. Tuanku Al-Sultan Ismail Petra ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Yahya Petra, the Sultan of Kelantan is the Colonel-In-chief of the Rejimen Artileri DiRaja (Royal Artillery Regiment). He was previously an honorary major in the regiment.

The regimental Motto is "TANGKAS TEGAS SAKSAMA".


The main role of Rejimen Artileri DiRaja is to provide direct and indirect artillery fire support in the fields of operations. The modern Rejimen Artileri DiRaja is equipped with a variety of equipment and fulfils a wide range of roles, including observation, Airborne Artillery, Armoured (Mechanised) Artillery, Long Range Missile Systems and Air defence. Regular units of the Rejimen Artileri DiRaja are complemented by members of the Askar Wataniah, which presently provide 5 Artillery Batteries.


ASTROS-II multiple rocket launcher
MBDA Rapier

Rejimen Artileri DiRaja is equipped with Field Artillery pieces, Multiple Launched Rocket Launchers, Anti Aircraft Artillery and Air Defence Missiles. Presently the inventory of Rejimen Artileri DiRaja includes:

Field Artillery Regiments

Field Artillery Regiments are equipped with

Air Defence Artillery Regiments

Air Defence Artillery Regiments are either equipped with :


Planned Purchase of Medium Range SAM

AFP reported on 20 July 2004 from Kuala Lumpur quoting Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak that Malaysia has agreed in principle to purchase medium-range KS-1A missiles from China.


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