Regions of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is divided into 8 regions (singular: região, plural: regiões) and 1 autonomous sector (sector autónomo). The regions are listed below (with the capitals in parentheses):


Bafatá Region Biombo Region Biombo Region Bissau Region Bissau Region Bolama Region Cacheu Region Gabú Region Oio Region Quinara Region Quinara Region Tombali RegionA clickable map of Guinea-Bissau exhibiting its eight regions and one autonomous sector.
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Region Capital Area
(km2) [1]
(2009 census)
Bafatá Bafatá 5,981.1 210,007
Biombo Quinhámel 838.8 97,120
Bissau Bissau 77.5 387,909
Bolama Bolama 2,624.4 34,563
Cacheu Cacheu 5,174.9 192,508
Gabú Gabú 9,150.0 215,530
Oio Farim 5,403.4 224,644
Quinara Buba 3,138.4 63,610
Tombalí Catió 3,376.5 94,939

The regions are subdivided into 37 sectors.

The regions can also be grouped into 3 provinces:

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