Reginar V, Count of Mons

Reginar V
Count of Mons
Spouse(s) Mathilde of Verdun


Titles and styles

The Count of Mons
Noble family House of Reginar
Father Reginar IV, Count of Mons
Mother Hedwig of France
Born 995
Died 1039 (aged 44)

Reginar V (c. 995–1039), Count of Mons, was the eldest son of Reginar IV, Count of Mons and Hedwige of France. His maternal grandparents were Hugh Capet of France and Adelaide of Aquitaine.

History and Family

He succeeded his father as Count of Mons in 1013. He married Mathilde of Verdun, daughter of Herman, Count of Verdun and his wife Mathilde.

He also acquired the southern part of the Brabant province around 1024.

He was succeeded as Count of Mons by his son Herman, who was married to Richilde, Countess of Mons and Hainaut. Upon the death of Herman, control of the county passed to Richilde's second husband, Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders.


Preceded by
Reginar IV
Count of Mons
Succeeded by
Herman and Richilde

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