Red and Anarchist Skinheads

Red and Anarchist Skinheads (RASH) is a left-wing anti-racist, anti-fascist skinhead group.

RASH includes redskins and anarchist skinheads. It was officially launched on January 1, 1993 by members of the Mayday Crew, a left-wing skinhead and punk group based in the New York City area. The Mayday Crew was formed due to in-fighting between members of New York City's Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) chapter, over the murder of a homosexual man by anti-racist, yet right-wing, skinheads. Shortly after the initial call went out for the formation of a network, chapters formed in other countries around the world, mostly from existing left-wing skinhead crews. According to one RASH website, some of the goals of the network were to:

To dispel the myth, in both the media and in mind of the general public, that all skinheads are racist.
To keep alive and expand the true skinhead subculture through means such as music (Oi!, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Hardcore, Street Punk, etc.), fashion, fanzines, fliers, concerts, dancehalls, and gatherings.
To create a space for left-wing ideas to exist in the skinhead scene.
To combat, physically and politically, the existence of far-Right ideas in the skinhead scene.
To win back the good name of our subculture from the boneheads and racists.
To articulate the connection between the young, working-class, multi-racial skinhead subculture and left-wing ideas.
To organize for the physical self-defense of left-wing skinheads from attack by all those who declare themselves our enemies.
To participate as an active, organized force of anti-racist skinheads in the radical Left and anti-fascist movements.
To make sure our vision of the anti-fascist radical Left (working-class, multi-racial, street based and militant) continues to exist.[1]

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