Razlovtsi insurrection

The Razlovtsi insurrection (Bulgarian: Разловско въстание, Razlovsko vastanie) was a rebellion in the areas of Maleshevo and Pijanec in Ottoman Macedonia during 1876.[1]

Regions involved in the April and Razlovtsi revolts. The borders of the Bulgarian vilajet, according to the Constantinople Conference of 1876, are indicated.

The work on its preparation began in late 1875 in Thessaloniki. A revolutionary group was created there, that took a decision to organize an anti-Ottoman insurrection. Basically this group consisted of activists of the Association "Bulgarian Dawn" (Българска зора).[2] The leader of the group was Dimitar Popgeorgiev. The preparations for the rebellion began in late 1875 in the village of Razlovci, guided by Dimitar Berovski and Stoyan Razlovski. It was planned that the rebellion would cover Maleshevo, Radovish, Strumica, Petrich, Melnik and later the Osogovo. After the outbreak of the April Uprising, a number of arrests were made by the Ottoman authorities in late April 1876.[3] Because of this, the revolt broke out prematurely on May 7, in Raslovtsi. Two revolutionary bands of about 60 people managed to get the village for a short time, and then the rebellion spread in Maleshevo and Piyanets. However, the revolt was suppressed, and many of the rebels were killed or arrested. The survivors managed to escape into the Maleshevo Mountains, but no further action was possible.[4]


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